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10 More Health Benefits of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed)

Elizabeth Renter
December 15th, 2013
Updated 12/15/2013 at 1:55 pm
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black cumin seed benefits 263x164 10 More Health Benefits of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed)I recently reported on how Black seeds, commonly used as a spice, are absolutely loaded with health benefits. Also referred to as black caraway, black cumin, and Roman coriander, these little seeds pack a powerful punch, offering protection against things like MRSA and cancer. They have even been called the remedy for ‘everything but death’. As researchers uncover more and more worthwhile uses of this seed, we are learning just how much potential can be found in a natural substance. Adding to the 10 health benefits of black seed I already delivered—here are 10 more reasons to utilize these tiny black seeds:

10 More Health Benefits of Black Seed

  • 1. High blood pressure - Published in the journal Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology, researchers found extract from black seed to cause a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, offering a natural treatment for mild forms of hypertension.
  • 2. Asthma - Multiple studies, including this one published in the journal Phytomedicine, has found Nigella sativa to possess anti-asthmatic effects. One even found it superior to conventional drug treatment.
  • 3. Sore throat - Research indicates that Black seed is an effective treatment for acute tonsillopharyngitis with tonsil or throat tissue inflammation. Basically, it can relieve viral sore throats.
  • 4. Radiation Damage Control - The active compound thymoquinone has been found to protect brain tissue from radiation-induced damage. Researchers say the substance is able to “clearly protect brain tissue from radiation-induced nitrosative stress.”
  • 5. Morphine Addiction and Toxicity Prevention - A study published in Ancient Science of Life found Nigella sativa to reduce the indications of morphine intoxication, tolerance, and addiction. Could this seed be the answer to opiate dependence?
  • 6. Protection Against Chemical Weapons - Researchers from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran found a tincture of Black seed able to reduce the symptoms of chemical weapons exposure including wheezing, respiratory symptoms, and even the need for drug treatment.
  • 7. Post-Surgical Scar Prevention - Tested on areas of post-operative trauma, Nigella sativa was found to protect peritoneal surfaces from scarring or adhesion formation.
  • 8. Psoriasis - Applied topically to psoriasis inflammation, black seed was able to increase epidermal thickness and soothe eruptions.
  • 9. Parkinson’s Disease - An extract of thymoquinone, from black seed, was shown to protect neurons from toxicity associated with Parkinson’s disease and dementia in a study published in Neuroscience Letters.
  • 10. Cervical Cancer - In a cervical cancer cell line, extracts of thymoquinone were able to trigger apoptosis or cell death, slow cancer progression, and stop the spread of the cancer.

Nigella sativa, black seed, black cumin, or black coriander – whatever you choose to call it – is not a meager spice. This powerful healing agent has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is versatile and easy to find. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Part 1 of the series on black seed benefits. Similarly check out health benefits page to see the many health benefits of your favorite foods.

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  • Paulette Hanson

    Do you know if it has helped anyone with Chrons’ Disease or Fibromyalgia?

    • RealityCheck

      No because it’s quack nonsense and fibromyalgia is a fake condition.

      • dave

        In reality check, Fibromyalgia is a condition that is bordering on being called a disease to help sell drugs. This painful condition in really, is a magnesium deficiency and can be easily correct with a supplement, or a mag rich food, such as spinach, broccoli, or simply taking an Epson Salt hot bath.

        Chrons’ Disease, or IBS can be corrected by getting off of grains, especially wheat, and look in to the benefits of colostrum, or first milk.
        I have to ask Reality Check, What is wrong with you? Do you work for the drug companies?

        • Paulette Hanson

          I hate drugs. Tried eliminating grains and dairy. Didn’t help.
          Have eaten home grown vegetables all our lives. Wish you were right about this.

        • Paulette Hanson

          Magnesium makes me sick. I eat spinach, broccoli and many other healthy foods that don’t help. Have a hot tub that helps for a few hours after soaking in it. What drugs? I don’t have any drugs for this.

      • Paulette Hanson

        The pain and complications are very real and they now have a blood test that diagnosis it. Damn near killed me 3 times. Be careful what you say, as these things tend to backfire on you. Magnesium makes me sick, so I don’t think your assumption is correct either.

      • Paulette Hanson

        And you have no clue.