3 Winter Foods for Increased Fertility

pregnant woman
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pregnant womanApproximately 9% of babies are conceived in December, according to a recent article from the Daily Mail. This, they say, could be due to the increased partying and alcohol consumption. It could also be due to more couples staying indoors during the cold weather, looking for recreation that doesn’t require them to leave the house or even the warm comforts of their bed. For those who are hoping to join the masses and conceive, Brussels sprouts, fish, and pomegranates could provide some assistance.

Brussels Sprouts, Fish, and Pomegranates

Brussels sprouts and pomegranates are in season this time of year and are a great addition to any diet, but particularly the diets of those who want to have a child.

Brussels sprouts are loaded with folic acid. Folic acid is important for increasing sperm counts in men and optimizing womb conditions for sperm survival in women. It is also a recommended addition to the diet of any expecting woman, as it reduces the risk of miscarriages and birth defects.

Diindolylmethane, a phytonutrient, is also important for conception and found in Brussels sprouts. This is because it helps women absorb oestrogen, a hormone that helps rid the body of excess hormones, raising fertility.

Not only is this a perfect time of year to enjoy locally-grown, in-season Brussels sprouts, it’s the perfect time to enjoy them for their fertility benefits.

If you are hoping to conceive, you may want to add some fish to your plate as well. Research has shown Omega-3 fatty acids to be crucial in optimizing sperm health. The fats actually aid in producing sperm with the physical structure most conducive to fertilization—a cone-shaped head. This enables the sperm to break through the outer layers of the waiting egg.

Another in-season food you could add to your fertility-boosting plate is pomegranates. That’s because they are a great source of vitamin C. A study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found men with the highest vitamin C intakes to have the healthiest sperm. The vitamin C works by protecting the sperm DNA from damage. Here are 4 more health benefits of pomegranates.

Several winter foods are great for boosting fertility. Paired with the cold weather and the relaxed holiday party vibes, couples could find these foods the perfect combination for conception.