Video Reveals Why Eating Chocolate can Actually Boost Health

Video Reveals Why Eating Chocolate can Actually Boost Health
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Typical chocolate delivered in our processed world is nothing more than a sweet treat. But indulging in this delicious food doesn’t have to result in negative health consequences; in fact, consuming dark chocolate has been shown to actually boost health through the deliverance of various disease-fighting compounds, such as antioxidants, flavanoids, and more.

Dark chocolate isn’t equal to the processed junk served at any gas station today. This chocolate is at least 70% cocoa or cacao, and offers naturally health-boosting compounds. The more bitter the better. Anything less is too watered down with milk and saturated with unhealthful refined sugar, or worse, HFCS corn syrup.

In case you don’t know first hand yet, there are many health benefits of dark chocolate, from suppressing a cough, to improving mood, to even promoting healthy weight loss.

Researchers have even reported that dark chocolate causes certain bacteria in the gut to ferment compounds and make its own anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart as well as numerous other health conditions. It turns out that dark chocolate specifically, which isn’t the watered-down and high in milk-fats and sugar like milk chocolate, creates ‘good’ microbes which leads to a balanced gut flora.

To benefit most from consuming chocolate, try to choose organic, high-quality dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa. Similarly, avoid mainstream candies provided by companies like Hershey’s. Eating unprocessed cocoa is best, as the body can more easily process the chocolate due to lower sugar levels.

A small square of this dark wonder is all that’s needed daily to improve overall health, improve brain function, and keep your thinking clear.