Video: Man Saves Miracle Kitten on Busy Russian Highway

kitten in the road
Good News

A Russian surveillance system recently released harrowing footage of a tiny kitten crossing a busy highway and dodging traffic for several minutes before being scooped up by a benevolent stranger.

The kitten, who comes from Kaliningrad, Russia, was shown on camera attempting to cross a busy highway. He was miraculously able to dodge traffic for three and a half minutes in a breath-taking video. After several near misses in which drivers swerve around him or drive over him so they don’t injure him, a man stops and puts on his hazard lights. [1]

The unidentified man stops to check on the health of the kitten, assessing whether or not it is injured. When it seems to be fine, against all odds, he scoops him up and drives off with him. The man, however, remains unknown as does the whereabouts of the kitten itself.

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The whole ordeal was caught on camera, thanks to Kaliningrad’s “Safe City” initiative that has placed video surveillance around the town. [2]

And while the man remains anonymous, many people on the European social media site, VK, took the time to thank him for his efforts underneath postings of the viral video.

Hopefully the kitten was driven away to a new life.


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