UK Survey: 70% of People Polled Don’t Trust BBC’s Commentary on GMOs

UK Survey: 70% of People Polled Don’t Trust BBC’s Commentary on GMOs

Do you trust the mainstream media (MSM)? The BBC, one of the UK’s biggest media companies, is just one example of an enormous media outlet turning to a dinosaur in the age of UFOs. A new survey reveals that almost 70% of the public doesn’t trust the station’s reporting on GMOs. More specifically, the public doesn’t trust the independence of experts featured on the programs.

The mainstream media has been struggling to stay relevant for a while now. As more individuals realize that the MSM’s reporting is slanted entirely to favor the cartels that run the world, and that there is the inability of these mega-companies to provide unbiased insight into real world issues, people turn instead to alternative news.

The ‘experts’ featured on BBC programs to discuss GMOs are not holding up to public scrutiny. Of more than 1000 people polled form both sides of the GMO debate, 667 of the responders said that the ‘authorities’ presented on programs like Panorama, Countryfile, and Radio 4’s Today were not so believable.

Just one of the latest BBC programs that was presented as an unbiased discussion on GMOs took a pro-GMO stance, and invited 3 experts with known ties to the development of GM technology.

As reported by

  • “Professor Jonathan Jones from the Sainsbury Laboratory owns several GM patents. He is the co-founder of several biotech companies and owns a company established to commercialize GM crops.

  • Anne Glover co-founded a biotech company before promoting GM technology in her recent role as chief scientific advisor to the EU President
  • Mark Lynas, a pro-GM advocate, is employed as part of the Cornell University’s programme to promote GMOs globally.”

An overwhelming 90 percent of the people polled felt that any academic, researcher or scientist – essentially anyone appearing as an ‘expert’ on any BBC program – should reveal their sources of income, any corporate affiliations, or if they were patent holders of biotechnology.

Meanwhile, another new survey from Pew Research Center says two-thirds of Americans interviewed think that scientists don’t fully understand GMOs, and therefore cannot guarantee the safety of genetically modified foods.

Sustainable Pulse reports:

“Specifically the survey found that:

  • 65% of respondents felt there is a general pro-GM bias in the British media;
  • 72% of all respondents felt the BBC represents a pro-GM stance;
  • 66% of all respondents did not trust experts featured on BBC programmes;
  • 87% of all respondents felt that people the BBC interview as “independent experts in science and technology” should reveal their sources of funding, corporate affiliations and if they hold patents;
  • 70% of all respondents did not believe that the BBC adequately or respectfully reflects the public’s concerns about GMOs.”

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It looks like the incessant platitudes and sloganeering of the biotech industry isn’t working on the awakening masses anymore. Too bad the MSM and the biotech industry took as all for idiots. We’re smarter than that, and the UK poll illustrates the global irritation we all feel toward companies who continue to lie to us.

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