Top 5 Reasons You Should do a Liver Cleanse – Today!

Top 5 Reasons You Should do a Liver Cleanse – Today!
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By: Dr. Edward Group

It may be more important than ever in this day and age to put major focus on ridding your body of toxins. On a daily basis our bodies are being bombarded by toxins coming from household paints, your carpet, cookware, foods, our water, and countless other sources, all paving the way for disease. And while it is important to cleanse the body of these toxins on a grand scale, it is especially vital to clear out the toxins accumulating in your liver, as this organ is highly instrumental in numerous bodily processes.

There are various reasons to detoxify the liver and maintain optimal liver health, but here are the top 5 reasons that I think could show just about anyone how important liver detoxification truly is.

1. Weight Loss

Obesity seems to be a never-ending and even increasing issue on a global scale, and almost everyone is trying to lose at least some degree of body fat. In many cases, someone may not find the cause of their excess weight no matter how many different solutions attempted. But what most people don’t know is that the liver is essential in the breakdown of fat, and without a properly functioning liver, anyone could experience fat accumulation without knowing why.

Producing bile to break down fats, the liver is actually as vital as the intestines and the stomach for weight loss. Cleansing the liver results in better bile production, ultimately helping to metabolize fats and pave the way for healthy fat loss.

2. Increase Energy

Needless to say, you will likely experience more energy when you lose weight, but the liver also enhances energy on another level. While some toxins passing through the liver are later released by the body as waste, others can actually be converted to usable substances. But if your liver is overflowing with foreign substances, these useful, converted nutrients aren’t released back into the blood stream. This results in numerous consequences, including a lack of energy. By cleansing the liver, you’ll be restoring these nutrients to the body and ultimately see a spike in energy levels.

3. Combat Aging Naturally and Effectively

do a liver cleanse
Detoxifying will not only lead to better internal health, but also a noticeable improvement on the outside.

Detoxifying will not only lead to better internal health, but also a noticeable improvement on the outside. Cleansing the body and restoring your liver to optimal functioning levels will help to reduce the toxins within every cell of your body. This process will undoubtedly result in healthy looking hair, nails, and especially skin. Additionally, the renewed breakdown of fat paves way for a great look and a healthier you – leading to a feeling of being considerably younger.

4. Get Rid of Liver Stones

In case you didn’t know, you could have anywhere from 100 to 300 liver stones in your body right now. Liver stones develop from too much cholesterol, which causes bile to create the crystalline stones. These stones may block the liver and gallbladder, leading to poor performance, less detoxifying from the liver, and an imbalance in the body’s retention of salt and water. A liver cleanse with a high quality cleansing supplement such as Livatrex could result in 100-300 of these stones being purged from your system. This release will make you feel better both mentally and physically.

(Dr. Group’s Side Note: I recommend cleansing the liver with Livatrex. Livatrex has a powerful herbal tincture of all natural organic and wild cultivated ingredients that can help restore healthy liver function.)

5. Detoxifying the WHOLE Body

Since the liver is responsible for whole-body detoxification, you’re actually detoxifying your entire body when you cleanse your liver of toxins. Since the liver converts toxic agents into harmless agents and waste products in a two-phase detoxification process, there may always be toxins in your liver. The issue occurs when both inorganic and organic toxins accumulate, ruining the processes in Phase I and II. Get rid of these substances and your liver will be back on track.