Livatrex Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Review

Livatrex Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse Review

Anthony Gucciardi
May 8, 2012

livatrexLooking for a quality liver detoxification solution? It is very rare that I find a product — particularly a cleansing product —  that really impresses me with noticeable and lasting results. It is even more an uncommon occurrence that I locate a company that uses really high quality ingredients in virtually all of their products with no exceptions. This means no genetically engineered ingredients, synthetic nutrients, fillers, or bisphenol A bottle lining. However, a product known as Livatrex – a liver and gallbladder cleanse – is one rare exception.

Why You need a Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

Unless you have been eating a 100% high quality organic raw diet void of any fillers, toxic ingredients, sugars, alcohol, and heavy metals, then chances are your liver and gallbladder are stressed with the extra burden of toxic buildup. When considering the quality of water that most individuals consume on a daily basis, and even the polluted air, it becomes even more evident why a liver cleanse could be significantly beneficial to your health. There are a number of ways to achieve liver detoxification, such as consuming beet juice in the morning or drinking warm lemon water, though a liver cleanse is a rather direct approach to targeting the ‘slime’ that is known to accumulate within the liver and gallbladder regions.

It is this ‘slime’ that is of major concern in many traditional medicine systems like ayurveda. As the liver is the major organ affected by toxins, it is of particular importance to keep it functioning properly.

Using Livatrex for Liver Detoxification

If you’ve used a liver cleansing protocol in the past, you may know that there is a certain degree of visible evidence that can verify — or in some cases disprove — the effectiveness of the product. Whether it is the stones expelled from your waste at the end of the cleanse or the feeling of relief and newfound wellness that comes as a result of completing the cleanse, there are fundamental signs what you are doing is working. It is also important to note that in some cases the liver cleanse may initially make you feel worse as during the liver detoxification process your liver rids harmful toxins from your body

In the case of Livatrex, these signs are all there, but they are not so extreme as to make the liver cleanse a horrible process. Instead, the results actually demonstrate just how necessary it is to live a lifestyle void of toxins and even continue with a cleansing protocol.

Due to the fact that the formula contains a number of herbs that are known to fortify and detoxify the liver gently, the effects are not overwhelming. The symptoms that come along with the cleanse are associated with this detoxification process, and any harsh symptoms may indicate that your liver is experiencing a toxic overload.

What You May Experience with Your Liver Cleanse

I’ve performed many cleanses, whether it be a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse, and I have heard from and coached thousands of individuals who have done the same. One thing is for certain: everyone reacts to a cleanse differently. While there is always a degree of variation, there are a few things you can expect when taking Livatrex while following the guidelines of the cleanse that goes along with the product.

Livatrex is taken over a period of 5 days, with the final 6th day of the overall cleanse consisting of a highly effective ‘flushing’ method. On this day you will drink:

  • Two 8-ounce glasses of warm water mixed with epsom salt.
  • One 6-ounce glass of olive oil with the option of adding lemon for flavor.

It may sound daunting, but it is highly powerful at moving compounded cholesterol and the ‘slime’ buildup from your liver and gallbladder. And the next morning, you will be shocked as to what was once built up in your organs. It is routine for an individual to pass hundreds of green-colored ‘stones’ through bowel movements on the 6th and 7th days.

Cleansing is essential to removing unwanted toxins from your body which have accumulated from years of exposure to environmental pollutants, contaminated food, stress, and many other factors. I highly recommend checking out Livatrex to start your liver cleanse off effectively and without worry that you may be using a low-quality product that could actually be loading you up with more toxins than before. Liver detoxification is important for maintaining overall health, so don’t hesitate to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse multiple times a year.

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