Thousands of Dead Bees Wash Ashore in South Florida

Thousands of Dead Bees Wash Ashore in South Florida

Thousands of dead and dying bees are washing ashore in Naples, Florida.

On February 7, people walking along the shore in Lowdermilk Park Beach in South Florida reported being stung. The problem began only days ago, and residents are confused and concerned as to where the bees are coming from, and why they’re only showing up in a specific area of the beach. [1]

Martha Duff, of Miami, was one of those stung while walking along the shore.

She said:

“I’ve been stung a couple of times and at first, I didn’t know what it was and then I realized I had an allergic reaction.”

According to a local bee expert, it is very unusual for bees to wash up on the shore, and it could be caused by anything from pesticides forcing bees to the shoreline, or a swarm getting tired and diving into the water. [2]

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Crews from Naples’ facilities maintenance department reported assessed the situation on both February 6 and 7 and are working to determine what caused the bees to wash up on the beach.


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