Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers, This Uber Driver Gets to See His Son in Rio

Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers, This Uber Driver Gets to See His Son in Rio
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Darrell Hill of the US Olympic shot put team has a dad that couldn’t be prouder of his son’s accomplishments. The former bus driver-turned Uber driver, Ellis, is so proud that he tells everyone who enters his car that his son is on the US Olympic team.

However, because of a shortage of funds, Ellis Hill thought he wasn’t going to be able to make the trip to Rio to see his son compete for his country in person. But then he picked up Liz Willock on July 26. Proud of his son’s accomplishments, he bragged about him to Willock, as any doting father would.

Willock asked if he would be making the trip to Brazil to watch his son, and Hill informed her that he wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Willock stated of the encounter:

“It was devastating to hear that. Here’s this wonderful man who has a close relationship with his son and I know any parent would want to see their son or daughter compete at the Olympics, but it was very understandable how that could be out of reach.” [1]

She tried to coax her work into giving Hill a free trip to the Olympics. Willock works as a sales leader for a company that helps arrange travel for those participating in clinical trials around the world. Though she thought she had a slam dunk, the company couldn’t help her with the request due to time constraints.

Undeterred, Willock set up a GoFundMe page to raise $7500 for send Hill to Rio. And she was successful. So successful, in fact, that the goal was reached in just two days.

Hill was surprised with the news while coming out of church. Not only was Hill given the plane ticket and accommodation, but he also received ground transportation to and from the airports by Willock’s company. What’s more, Uber gave him a $1000 credit to help him get around Rio without any problems, and a $250 gift certificate to one of the best restaurants in the city so he can help celebrate with his son. [2]

It goes without saying that Hill, who hasn’t seen his son in a few months due to his rigorous training schedule, is ecstatic to see him compete on August 18.



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