Test Yourself: Are Monsanto’s Chemicals In Your Blood?

Test Yourself: Are Monsanto’s Chemicals In Your Blood?
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What if you could prove that Monsanto’s best selling herbicide Round Up is affecting you personally? Maybe you’ve thought of testing yourself, but didn’t know which lab to go to that would report the true results. An answer to your pleas has arrived. In an unprecedented move, a non-profit organization has set up an independent lab that all people can access in order to test for glyphosate.

Feed the World has set up the first ever validated glyphosate testing (LC/MS/MS) for the general public worldwide, which will be provided in the U.S. with the support of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). There is no better way to prove that glyphosate is harming the entire population than to confirm that most of us have traces of it in our urine, breast milk and tap water.

The cost of testing for each of these is much less than what many doctor’s office visits or labs would charge for a simple blood draw –but you don’t have to draw any blood.

It is time to find out just how pervasive the world’s number one weed killer really is. The active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up – glyphosate – has been found in everything – ground water, air samples, and of course, our soil, and it has also shown up in fetal cells. It has already been shown to be present in our urine, blood, and breast milk.

Monsanto relies on the sale of glyphosate for 20% of its total revenue. This doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider most of the seeds are created to be Round Up ready – the company would suffer greatly if glyphosate were banned, as is being called for by multiple countries and hundreds of health professionals around the world.

Monsanto has never had to prove that its Round Up formulations were safe, and the US EPA likely turned the other way when Monsanto’s own tests proved that glyphosate was carcinogenic.

Now that even the World Health Organization has called glyphosate “probably carcinogenic,” shouldn’t you test yourself for this toxic chemical?

To get yourself or your tap water tested for glyphosate today, just google ‘getting tested for glyphosate’ and choose a lab that works for you.

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