Petition: Tell ABC Bakers to Make Girl Scout Cookies GMO Free!

girl scout gmo cookies

girl scout gmo cookiesThousands of girls participate in Girl Scouts every year, and as a means to fund-raise, they sell Girl Scout cookies. From thin mints to peanut butter sandwiches, they’ve become a staple in many American’s homes, but one seven year old thinks that ABC bakers, the makers of girl scout cookies, should make them GMO free.

Very active in her troop, Alicia has been in girl scouts for three years now, and she wants her cookies to be without genetically modified organisms. In the past she has been a vocal supporter of endangered animals and even championed recycling projects, and now she needs your help as the model Girl Scout she exemplifies to help force ABC Bakers to source their ingredients from non-GMO manufacturers.

“ABC Bakers can source other ingredients that are non-GMO. In doing so, they will take a step in the right direction in improving their cookies. They will prevent any possible harm or illness that may come from consuming GMOs or Girl Scout Cookies made with GMO ingredients. They will be creating awareness and pioneering a movement in the food industry.

If ABC Bakers continues to make cookies with GMO ingredients, our soil will continue to be saturated with pesticides. Our Farmer’s will continue to pay higher prices for seeds and purchase larger quantities of pesticides. Our Organic farmers will continue to struggle. Our bees will continue to die off. In eating the cookies we will continue to gamble with our health. Please sign the petition in asking ABC Bakers to make Girl Scout cookies without GMOs. “

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Her wisdom is timeless, though she is young. She says, “ABC Bakers can make the cookies with healthier ingredients, so they will be safer to eat. If ABC Bakers don’t make cookies without GMOs, everyone could get sick and not even know it.

She isn’t the only little girl who doesn’t want GMOs in her food. There are countless young people standing against Monsanto and other biotech companies who would otherwise poison people with their products. Half a million people are already talking about the next March Against Monsanto happening this coming May 24, 2014, and many of them are young adults and even children.

We need to support this new generation of individuals standing up for better food and GMO-free sustenance.

You can sign a petition to help Alicia rid her cookies of GMO, here.