Celebrities Promote Petition to Tell Tyson: Stop Ripping Heads Off Chickens!

Celebrities Promote Petition to Tell Tyson: Stop Ripping Heads Off Chickens!

Tyson foods supplies some of the biggest names with chicken – from McDonald’s to KFC, and more – but their industrial agricultural practices are menacing at best and cruelly disgusting at their worst. This is why countless individuals across the country, including celebrities such as Candice Bergen, are telling companies like Tyson to stop the animal cruelty.

An undercover videographer got some, well, interesting footage at one of Tyson’s slaughterhouses in Mississippi, and multiple investigations by members of Mercy for Animals have proven that Tyson has little care for the animals they raise for mass consumption.

In the video below, you can see first-hand how chickens are treated. (Warning: it is graphic.) The witness to this crime against animals stated:

I watched the video in horror as workers who seemed to take pleasure in tormenting the frightened birds punched, beat, and threw the animals before violently slamming them upside down into metal shackles.”

The birds were even used as punching bags by some of Tyson’s employees. Many birds had their heads torn off while they were still alive and conscious. The investigator even called the Tyson Foods hotline to report the cruelty he had witnessed, but he saw no corrective actions taken by the company. This is the ‘norm’ there.

After seeing this, I doubt you’d ever want to eat another chicken nugget, sandwich, or ‘happy meal’ from a chain which gets their chicken from Tyson again.

If you want this kind of torture of animals to stop, please consider signing this petition: