Natural Swimmer’s Ear Treatment

Natural Swimmer’s Ear Treatment
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Swimmer’s Ears refers to a condition that is characterized by infection and inflammation of the external ear and ear canal. It is called swimmer’s ear because the condition is usually caused by over exposure to infected water. By overexposing the ear to infected water, the outer skin layer becomes weak and prone to bacteria and fungi invasion.

There are many home remedies for swimmer’s ear. Here are some of the swimmer’s ear treatment methods you can use to quickly relieve this condition:

  • Clean the area thoroughly – Try to drain all the infected water out. Use a clean cotton swab to do so.

  • Use rubbing alcohol – While cleaning the ear with a cotton swab, you may use rubbing alcohol. This will not only disinfect the area, but could also help the area dry faster. Rubbing alcohol has fast evaporating properties.

  • Use apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is a good disinfectant. Create a mixture with rubbing alcohol and water for maximum effect and use it as an ear dropper. This is considered one of the best home remedies for swimmer’s ear because it acts faster than any other methods.

  • Use baby oil – Use a warm baby oil to treat the outer ear area. This will help moisturize and clean the area so further infection could be prevented.

  • Blow dry – If you feel that the inner ear is still not dry, you can opt to have it blow-dried. Place the blow dryer about 1 foot away from the ear.

  • Use warm compress – Apply a warm compress against the ear to help relieve pain.

These home remedies have been documented to work well by individuals suffering from swimmer’s ear. If the condition gets worse, however, seek the attention of a qualified naturopathic doctor as it could indicate an infection that needs proper attention.