Study Indicates 70-300% Increased Brain Cancer Risk from Using This Device

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cell phoneWhile brain cancer will only affect an estimated of 0.6 percent of men and women, the risk may be much higher for those of us who use our cell phones on a regular basis. New research suggests long-term cell phone users could be at a 300% increased risk of developing the deadly disease.

The Swedish study found that people who use their cell phones for more than a year were at a 70% increased risk of brain cancer. But for those who used their phones for more than 25 years, the risk was 300% greater.

Well over 90% of Americans have a cell phone and more than 56% have a smart phone. Many of these people can’t imagine living without the technology and even sleep with their phone next to them like a mate. But like current and past research suggests, this dependency could be having serious brain-health effects.

Not only did long-term use increase the risk of brain cancer, but so did the amount of time you spend on the phone. According to a press release on the study:

“The total number of hours of wireless phone use was as important as the number of years of use. A fourth of the sample used wireless phones for 2,376 or more hours in their lifetime which corresponds to about 40 minutes a day over ten years. These heavier users had 250% greater risk of brain tumors as compared to those who never used wireless phones or used them for less than 39 hours in their lifetime.”

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While frightening, this isn’t the first such research to link cell phone use to brain tumors. A study funded in part by the World Health Organization found a 180% increased risk of brain cancer in people who used their phones for 1,640 or more in their lifetime.

Interestingly, the side of the brain most likely to develop a tumor is the side of the brain you most often put your phone to, indicating the phones are the source of the tumor-causing radiation.
As a result of the growing amount of research, the World Health Organization recently classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a possible carcinogen, according to Natural News.

As with many types of cancer, you can significantly reduce your risk of brain cancer by limiting your use of cell phone technology. Also, by using speakerphone features and powering down your phone when it’s not in use, you can further reduce your exposure.