Stress, Extra Fat Fueling ‘Sleepiness’ Lack of Energy Epidemic

Stress, Extra Fat Fueling ‘Sleepiness’ Lack of Energy Epidemic
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Feeling tired and rundown throughout the day with a significant lack of energy? So are a multitude of others throughout the globe, experiencing serious fatigue and drained mental energy as a result of a paralyzing combination of wrenching mental stress and obesity. In other words, two results of a negative lifestyle that is ultimately breeding disease and an overall feeling of ‘sickness’. In this case, the body is so drained just attempting to remedy the inner problems that it cannot even function properly on a daily basis.

The issue has gone so far that it is even causing accidents, some as severe as ‘drowsy driving’ accidents and workplace injuries. You see, obesity is not necessarily the ’cause’ of this but the biproduct of the true cause. Fueled by poor sleep, unhealthy eating, and a toxic lifestyle, obesity is the warning sign of a ‘sick’ individual. Is it any wonder that heavy amounts of fructose and low amounts of healthy omega-3’s have been linked to ‘stupidity‘ as proclaimed by the very study authors themselves? This ‘stupidity’ includes decreased learning and memory function, two essential components of proper real life function.

Presented at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies annual meeting, the newly-releasing findings detail just how serious this ‘sleepiness’ epidemic (or lack of energy) has become. Study author Dr. Alexandros Vgontzas from Penn State compares it to the obesity epidemic itself. He states:

“The ‘epidemic’ of sleepiness parallels an ‘epidemic’ of obesity and psychosocial stress. Weight loss, depression and sleep disorders should be our priorities in terms of preventing the medical complications and public safety hazards associated with this excessive sleepiness.”

And Dr. Vgontzas is absolutely correct. Until the original issue is changed, which is the damaging lifestyle choices of affected individuals, they cannot be expected to be experiencing optimum health and subsequent optimal energy levels. Thankfully, it isn’t very challenging or expensive to begin your journey to optimum health. A number of free resources exist on NaturalSociety to help you get started, such as simple daily tips to help you get started. You don’t have to be tired throughout the day, and you aren’t meant to be.