Living a Disease Free Life: Solutions to Daily Health Risks that Lead to Disease

Living a Disease Free Life: Solutions to Daily Health Risks that Lead to Disease
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The modern lifestyle is oftentimes a magnet for disease and major health conditions. Our diet along with many so-called “health” products, industrial materials, lack of exercise, stress, and other factors contribute to disease. While it may seem overwhelming, a few simple changes can help you live disease free.

There are numerous sources of disease, manifesting themselves through dietary choices as well as lifestyle choices. Below is a list of problematic areas when it comes to hampering your health, and ways to remedy the issues.

A Disease Free Life: Solutions to Daily Health Hazards

Ingredients Label Surprises

  • Problem: One of the most basic of ways to live disease free is to check food before you buy it. A large number of food products today contain deadly additives which are instrumental in offsetting the processes of the body. Most commercial foods typically contain harmful additives such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, genetically modified ingredients, and other dietary abominations. All of these have been shown to cause considerable harm to the body.
  • Solution: Buy products free of additives by ensuring that they are 100% organic, and that are free of genetically modified ingredients, aspartame, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, and other harmful ingredients.

Not So Natural

  • Problem: Multi-national farming corporations are drenching produce in harmful chemicals. Fruit and vegetables have been routinely found to contain toxic levels of pesticides due to unethical farming practices. Pesticides have been linked to ADHD in children, and multiple other conditions. Millions of Americans are consuming this infected produce, which assaults the body with toxic compounds.
  • Solution: Buy fruit and vegetables that are grown locally and organically. Ensure that the labels begin with the number 9, showing that they are truly organic.

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Animal Products

  • Problem: If you don’t want to be disease free, eat meat in America. Certain hormones are used to produce larger and meatier animals; the addition of growth hormones makes for more meat, less feed for the animal, and a host of health concerns. These hormones can offset your body’s natural balance and make you much more susceptible to disease. Hormones that have been in use include estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate, and melengestrol acetate. Some researchers have linked these hormones with premature puberty in girls, resulting in an increased risk of breast cancer. In addition, about 29 million pounds of antibiotics, which equates to nearly 80 percent of the nation’s antibiotics total use — are added to animal feed every year in the U.S.
  • Solution: Buy 100% grass-fed beef. Try and find local markets that are selling organically raised meats, and ask all of the appropriate questions. Were they grass-fed for the entire duration of their life? Some companies only grass-feed their cattle near the end of their life.

Beauty and Consumer Products

  • Problem: It is unfortunate in our modern society, but you can’t live a disease free life and use mainstream consumer products. Beauty products often contain over 515 chemicals. These are potentially dangerous substances that are readily absorbed by the body upon application or even inhalation. Skin whitening cream products have also been found to contain toxic mercury. Most antibacterial soaps contain toxic triclosan. Triclosan is a known carcinogen, and even reacts with chlorinated tap water to become chloroform (a chlorinated aromatic). This substance is very similar in dioxin makeup to compound Agent Orange, the defoliant used in Vietnam that led to 400,000 deaths and disabilities.
  • Solution: Buy natural beauty care products that are derivatives of healthy sources. Look for brands that flaunt a close to 100% natural label, and that never contain ingredients such as triclosan or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Toxins in Plastic Bottles

  • Problem: The plastic used in many mainline products has been found to be carcinogenic, and to produce synthetic hormones that offset your body’s natural hormones significantly. Bisphenol A is present in a large number of water bottles, and is known as a gender-bender chemical. It is an artificial hormone that can act similarly in estrogen in the bodies of men, disrupting their hormonal balance and creating problems. There are actually only a few plastic types that contain Bisphenol A (BPA), but these are the types that are widely used by mainstream manufacturers.
  • Solution: Buy a water filter. Tap water is thoroughly contaminated and also contains gender-bending chemicals. Purchase a high quality water filtration device and bottle your water in glass bottles.