Silent Reflux: When Reflux Doesn’t Include Heartburn

Silent Reflux: When Reflux Doesn’t Include Heartburn

heartburnWhen someone hears acid reflux, heartburn instantly comes to mind. But, Dr. Jamie Koufman of the Kougman Reflux and Voice Institute of New York says there is another kind of reflux, a “silent reflux” that could be damaging your throat and esophagus, and even causing cancer. According to Koufman, the reflux is silent because it doesn’t cause heartburn and therefore often remains undiagnosed, or even misdiagnosed.

What is Silent Reflux?

It’s estimated that silent reflux effects over 50 million Americans. It’s where stomach acid flows up into the esophagus and throat, potentially damaging them as well as your sinuses, mouth, ears, nose, vocal cords, and lungs.

Symptoms of silent reflux include:

  • Cough, especially after eating
  • Constant throat clearing
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Hoarseness
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth decay
  • Asthma
  • COPD

Koufman says many doctors aren’t aware of silent reflux and many patients aren’t either. Often, it’s misdiagnosed as asthma, though the main difference is that silent refluxes causes you to struggle at inhaling while asthma makes it difficult to exhale.

What does Koufman recommend for people suffering from this problem? Something called “integrative aerodigestive medicine.” And surprisingly, perhaps, he doesn’t suggest you run out to your doctor for the latest prescription. He recognizes that diet often is the root cause of health problems and instead recommends dietary changes first.

To help treat silent reflux, here are some suggestions:

  • No fatty meats
  • Limited fried foods and chocolates
  • No more than one alcoholic drink per day
  • No eating late at night
  • Don’t drink out of a bottle or can
  • Drink alkaline water whenever possible

These aren’t groundbreaking tips or things that are too difficult to do. As a matter of fact, these are obvious smart choices whether you have silent reflux or if you are just trying to stay healthy. Too often people minimize the effects of their diet on their health, when the diet is the most logical place to look for problems and areas to improve. You only put these things into your body: food, drink, and air. So, when you are experiencing negative symptoms, the best place to look for the cause of the problem or a potential solution is food, drink, or air.

And after reading this, many of you are probably wondering how to treat acid reflux – the more well-known health issue. Click the previous link to learn more, or simply try the apple cider vinegar cure.

Improve what you put into your body and your body will improve.

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