Shapewear: Ladies, Celebrity Endorsement Doesn’t Mean it’s Healthy

Shapewear: Ladies, Celebrity Endorsement Doesn’t Mean it’s Healthy
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“Countless celebrities are wearing shapewear in their selfies, but what does it to do our bodies long term?”

“If ‘ominous tingling’ doesn’t concern you, then by all means, keep wearing those Spanx. It’s an issue raised by the L.A.Times after speaking to numerous doctors who treat patients for problems brought on by shapewear. The technical term is meralgia paresthetica and it results in painful burning in the thighs when excessive pressure is placed on the nerves that run through the groin. It can appear in pregnant women, those who’ve rapidly gained weight, and now, fans of Yummie Tummie.” [1]

Unfortunately, Hollywood celebrities exert a lot of fashion influence on American society. In the case of the recently fashionable shapewear being ‘advertised’ in so many celebrity selfies, one wonders if they are being paid per pic.

Just as the motion picture industry is paid for using various products in their movies, it appears that many actors, like professional athletes, are compensated for wearing various designer labels and now maybe even shapewear.

One would think that the Victorian corsets of the last century would have frightened away any potential candidate for shapewear. However, when these body-contorting, synthetic undergarments are worn by the most ‘chic’ fashionistas on the planet, the temptation to follow suit is just too much to resist for the most impressionable among us.

The Negative Health Repercussions of Shapewear Get Worse by the Day

“Turns out, ominous tingling isn’t the only concern. Shapewear and waist-training corsets can put excessive pressure on the stomach, pushing acid into the esophagus. ‘It’s really just plumbing,’ Jay Kuemmerle, a gastroenterologist explained to the L.A. Times. ‘For someone who has reflux disease or is prone to reflux, wearing tight garments may exacerbate those symptoms.’ Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes heartburnlike symptoms in varying degrees of severity. Shapewear can also worsen IBS symptoms, exacerbate urinary incontinence, lead to UTIs, and cause skin infections (because it traps sweat).” [1]

What else is wrong with this unhealthy body-shaping fad?

Very little media attention has been given to the extremely unhealthy materials that are used in the construction of shapewear. In order for them to significantly change the shape of the human body, they must be made with materials that are both highly synthetic and unusually strong. Because these undergarments are directly against the skin, they have the potential to produce a whole set of skin allergies, irritations, and sensitivities.

Particularly during the warmer months, the combination of perspiration and extremely tight synthetic material will produce a hospitable environment for rashes, hives and other skin conditions to occur. The skin reactions can run the whole gamut of possibilities depending on each person’s unique physiology, biochemistry, and genetic predispositions. Most importantly, a tendency toward skin sensitivities or hypereactivity can cause a whole set of problems.

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Studies Indicate Multiple Health Problems with Bra Use

The following excerpt well explains the kinds of unintended consequences which can occur with a regular woman’s bra, so imagine what can happen full body shapewear?

Natural Society
“Outrageous Shapewear: From Maternity Spanx To Rubber Corsets” — HuffingtonPost //

“To add insult to injury the tight bra is also made of synthetic (petroleum derived) materials which introduce toxicity into the very thin skin around the entire breast. Add to this mix the deodorants and anti-perspirants which contain there own cocktails of chemicals and it’s no wonder we see so much breast cancer, fibroid tumors and cysts of every sort and kind. We didn’t mention the many synthetic fabrics which many a dress, blouse, shirt and sweater are made of.” [2]

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Before so much money is spent on pricey shapewear, one ought to seriously consider exactly what is being purchased. Not only may medical bills increase, but unnecessary pain and discomfort also goes with the shapewear ‘program.’

Therefore, the best caveat seems to be: BUYER BEWARE!


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