Revealing a Unique Cancer Treatment Successfully Used by a Famous Run-Away

billy best story
Total Immunity

billy best storyAn earlier story of mine featured the kid who made mainstream national headlines in 1994 when he ran away from home to avoid chemotherapy, and who is thriving today. His name is Billy Best. The two alternative therapies Billy Best chose involved Canadian nurse Rene Caisse’s popular Essiac Tea and something with an odd name, 714X, also out of Canada.

Naessens’ 714X

While I knew about Essiac Tea, what mystified me was the 714X. I had never heard of it at all during almost five years of researching and writing about alternative cancer solutions. It’s not as easy to acquie and take as Essiac Tea, but it is safe, effective, and inexpensive.

It was developed by French scientist named Gaston Naessens. Gaston has been through a lot with the medical mafia for his unique discoveries. He has been chased out of France and Corsica for operating medically without a license, and almost convicted of murder when a late stage breast cancer patient using 714X died in Canada, where Gaston had finally settled. Mainstream oncology had given up on her, but now her death was blamed on Gaston.

But before Gaston came up with 714X, he had to invent his own microscope to view live tissue and live micro-organisms with extremely high magnification, similar to Royal Raymond Rife and his Universal Microscope during the 1930s.

The Amazing Somatoscope Proves the Existence of Living Energy Particles

Until Rife’s Universal microscope and Gaston’s Somatoscope, all microscopy research looked at only dead matter. Now, Gaston was able to actually observe tiny somatids – energy particles that he considers precursors to DNA. With the his special microscope, similar to dark field microscopy, Gaston could now track the live changes somatids undergo as they occur.

Gaston was able to observe and note their life cycles. While it was normally three stages, they could and would morph into a 16 stage life cycle. As the somatids’ life cycles increased, they produced yeast. Gaston considered excess yeast as the precursor to cancer and other serious diseases.

So he developed 714X, a camphor derivative, that returns somatids to their normal life cycle and, according to his studies, reverses degenerative diseases. The only problem is it needs to be injected, though there are spray mists for lung and throat issues. Billy went into Canada from where he lived in Massachusetts and had 714X lab people show him how to inject himself. They are allowed to sell it, but not administer it.

So that’s the issue with 714X. You can order it from Canada and have a health professional inject you or inject it yourself once daily for 21 days. Many consider 714X perfect for almost all early stage cancers, but not as effective with late stage patients still staggering from the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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