Hypnosis Helps Women Lose Nearly 112 Pounds

Hypnosis Helps Women Lose Nearly 112 Pounds

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An overweight school teacher in the UK lost almost 8 stone (112 pounds), after being hypnotized into believing she went through gastric band surgery. Kim Robinshaw, 31, tried many other dieting techniques in an attempt to slim the weight, but she never succeeded in slimming down. She then went to a doctor who sent her into a trance, making her believe she had surgery, which would undoubtedly get rid of the excess weight. The hypnosis proved successful.

Kim went from a size 24 to 14-16 in nine months.”I didn’t tell anyone at first about the hypnotherapy. My mum and dad were supportive, so they were the only ones that knew. I didn’t want to say it was going to work. It was coming up to Christmas that colleagues at work started to notice and I started to tell people and I think about ten of them have already booked to see him”, Kim says.

She didn’t have enough money to afford a real surgery, so the hypnosis was really just an alternative solution. Real surgery costs more, is uncomfortable, and can other adverse bodily effects, including scarring. Kim says she is very happy with the choice she made, and that she recommends anyone try it.

Kim was also given the same diet that all gastric band patients get. The diet gradually eases the patient from an all liquid diet to pureed foods, and then into solid foods. The diet made her stomach feel much smaller than it had before. In the past, she would eat very large portions, but now she could only eat a handful of food since her stomach felt the size of a fist.

Kim’s new weight torpedoed her into an overall better quality of life. Now that she feels more comfortable with her body, she is going to the gym and regularly walking with her husband. She feels much happier, and a simple weight change can completely alter someones personality for the better when they are distraught about their weight. Although she says she’s still got a bit to lose, the results she’s more than delighted with the results. If she ever wanted to alter the degree of the surgery, the doctor can “tighten or loosen the band” as desired.

Hypnosis could be an effective weight loss tool for many, supplemented with a natural diet of nutrient-dense raw foods. True fat loss requires adequate nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals, preferably from a high-quality organic source.

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