Cop Buys Family a Car Seat Instead of Issuing Ticket: Still Good Men in Blue

cop buy mom car seat
Good News

Lexi DeLorenzo isn’t a mom who was bucking the system by driving without a car seat for her five-year old. Her car was repossessed with the booster seat inside it after hard financial times a few weeks before. When she was pulled over for driving without her child in a legal seat, the police officer bought her one instead of giving her a citation.

According to some reports, car seats reduce infant death by a staggering 71%, and fatalities for children from 2-6 years of age by over 50%. A police officer in Michigan might have helped save another.

Her daughter was secured in a seat belt, and DeLorenzo was driving hoping she would go unnoticed, but Public Safety Officer Ben Hall from Emmett Township in Battle Creek, Michigan did something that would make corrupt cops who have been known to harass and kill homeless people, force themselves on peaceful Occupy protestors, and stop and pay attention.

A ticket wouldn’t have solved the problem,” said the kind-hearted officer. He led the woman to a nearby Walmart and bought the family a car seat instead of issuing her an expensive ticket which she could ill afford.

The young mom wrote on the Facebook page of the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety:

“This officer has changed my life, not just because he purchased a car seat for my 5 year old, but because he has opened my eyes and given me hope.”

DeLorenzo added:

“As soon as I can afford it, I will be paying forward.”

Officer Hall said he was not looking to be paid back according to aWXMI-17 news reporter.

The ‘loss prevention’ officer happened to take a photo of Officer Hall, and emailed them to the family. The little girl that was to ride in the new car seat was reported to be very happy.

What’s more is that once other officers from Hall’s department found out about what he did, they pulled out their wallets and tried to pitch in to reimburse him, but Hall refused their money:
 “I wanted to do it, it made me feel good.”

Emmett Township runs all their police, fire and EMTs out of a single office with everyone training together. They are very transparent.

“We are very community oriented and created our Facebook page to provide info to our public, to let people see what we are doing. We even post all our calls.”

You can watch a video on the kind act or read more here.