Oregon Grape Root: A Natural Solution for Resistant Infections and More

Oregon grape
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Oregon grapeAs the number of antibiotic-resistant infections grows and conventional medicine fails to keep pace, reluctant Big Pharma pushers may be forced to look at natural and dare-I-say better solutions in the near future. In addition to things like lavender and honey, which have both proven useful in the fight against resistant infections, Oregon grape root is one such solution that could not only help treat antibiotic-resistant infection strains like MRSA, but also could do much more – without major side effects.

Methow Valley Herbs calls Oregon grape root, the herb that “could save the world.” And if it’s anti-microbial properties are as potent as believed, they may be right.

The CDC recently announced that at least 2 million Americans get sick every year with an antibiotic-resistant infection, and an admittedly-conservative estimate of 23,000 of them die. The agency warned that antibiotic-resistant threats are a serious problem caused mainly by an overdependence of prescription antibiotics. For the first time, MRSA, one of these infections, has grown to where numbers in the communities across the nation outnumber those in hospitals—a sign of its growing prevalence.

It’s suggested that Oregon grape root can work to give antibiotics an “in” into MRSA cells, working with the drugs to overcome the resistance within the bacteria itself. As NaturalNews describes, the plant contains beneficial alkaloids, including one called berberine, believed to be responsible for most of its anti-microbial properties. This powerful alkaloid is also able to help chemotherapy patients in recovery and improve bone marrow health.

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The use of Oregon grape root is not new, despite its somewhat obscure nature. As a matter of fact, it’s been used for generations to treat infections and liver problems. Among other things, it could be effective for treating:

  • Liver problems
  • Eye infections
  • Gynecological infections
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Inflammatory bowel
  • Infectious diarrhea caused by parasites and bacteria
  • Sore throats
  • Mouth infections
  • Skin infections and wound treatment

It’s likely we’ll be hearing more and more about this herb as the months pass. Oregon grape root is currently widely available and can grow successfully in nearly all areas of the U.S. However, it is experiencing over-harvesting in some areas due to the floral business.

While it can be taken as a tea, the roots are somewhat bitter. A tincture allows you to get the benefits with a fraction of the bitter flavor. You can also find Oregon grape root in supplement form.
If antibiotic-resistant infections are becoming a threat to all of us, we need to be armed with antibiotic alternatives. Oregon grape root is one good option.