Orange Juice Artificially Flavored to Taste Like Oranges

Orange Juice Artificially Flavored to Taste Like Oranges

Natural Society

If you are purchasing “100% juice” products not made from concentrate in mainstream grocery stores, you may actually be tasting a combination of flavor chemicals. After oranges are squeezed for juice, the juice is stored in large holding tanks and the oxygen is extracted. This process allows the juice to sit for up to a year without spoiling, and makes the juice completely flavorless. As a result, the industry uses “flavor packs” to add synthetic orange flavor to the flavorless juice.

FoodRenegade reports:

Juice companies therefore hire flavor and fragrance companies … to engineer flavor packs to add back to the juice to make it taste fresh. Flavor packs aren’t listed as an ingredient on the label because technically they are derived from orange essence and oil. Yet those in the industry will tell you that the flavor packs, whether made for reconstituted or pasteurized orange juice, resemble nothing found in nature.