Olive Oil for Health – Cancer Prevention, Promotes Gut Health, and More

Olive Oil for Health – Cancer Prevention, Promotes Gut Health, and More
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Olive Oil for Health

According to a Spanish study, a little bit of olive oil could go a long way in protecting people from breast cancer. The flavorful oil is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, and perhaps with good reason. Olive oil contains numerous health benefits which make it a must-have in every kitchen, so why anyone wouldn’t want to use olive oil for health is a mystery.

Olive Oil for Health – Recognizing the Benefits

According to Spanish scientists from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, olive oil doesn’t just have a single effect on cancer cells, but stages a “multi-pronged attack,” says The Daily Mail.

It stunts tumor growth, causes tumor cells to “implode,” and protects against cancerous DNA damage – no wonder people are using olive oil for health and not only for taste.

They recommend you get 10 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil each day. For someone not used to consuming olive oil, this could seem like a lot. However, if you add it to a salad at lunch and cook with it at very low temperatures at dinner, your requirement could easily be met.

The oil doesn’t just prevent a gene that encourages the development of breast tumors, it “switched off proteins that cancer cells rely on to stay alive.”

Breast cancer prevention isn’t the only benefit of this oil. It’s been shown to have amazing health benefits including a decreased risk of heart disease and improved vascular health. It can aid in the reduction of cholesterol and even lower blood pressure.

In amounts as small as one to two tablespoons a day, extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory benefits. It can improve digestive health by slowing the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, preventing infections and possibly ulcers.

Perhaps most fascinating, is that olive oil can help improve cognitive function, especially among the elderly. Visual memory and verbal fluency are positively affected by regular consumption of the oil. It may also offset brain problems like an unbalanced nervous system.

All research says extra virgin olive oil (evoo) can provide more health benefits than other varieties. This variety is obtained from the first pressing of the olives. Basically, evoo is more concentrated than those that come from later pressings. So, you may need to spend a bit more for the best health benefits. It would also be most beneficial to buy organic evoo, as organic food has consistently risen above conventional – with one example being organic tomatoes outranking conventional in recent research.

How can you use evoo? A better question would be how can’t you use it. Use it on salads and with raw vegetables, sauté with it. If you are a meat-eater, it is a great marinade base. For pasta, a little olive oil and fresh vegetables make an amazingly simple sauce.

There are countless ways to cook with evoo and to get the benefits of this flavorful oil. Use olive oil for health? You bet.

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