Obama: GMO Lies and Alliances You Need to Know

Obama Monsanto
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Obama MonsantoIf you voted for Barack Obama and actually listened to his campaign promises and thought a dark knight on a white horse had come to rescue you from the lies of Monsanto and the biotech industry, you were wrong. And if you think First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House organic veggie garden is a reflection of the administration, you’re wrong again. Obama lied about GMOs – blatantly.

The Monsanto-Government Connection

The latter is a smokescreen for his voters to think Obama will stick to his campaign promises of, “Let folks know when their food is genetically modified, because Americans have a right to know what they’re buying.” And that he wouldn’t do business “the old way” and would be “responsive to people’s needs”. Have Obama supporters forgotten those promises? Does denial prevent people from realizing they’ve been thrown for a loop?

Some Obama apologists claim he has been deceived by “those around him” or “his handlers”. But Obama stacked his administration with GMO cronies himself. As soon as Obama started putting together the rest of his administration’s cabinet after winning the 2008 election, it was apparent.

Obama immediately inserted attorney Michael Taylor, former Public Policy VP for Monsanto, as deputy commissioner of the FDA. He’s the poster boy for corporate-government revolving door maneuvers who made a legal living hell for small dairy farmers during the 1990s for simply labeling their milk rBGH, or hormone free.

Then came former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center, Roger Beachy. Obama posted him as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Soon after the Obama administration placed former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, voted Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization after creating the Governors’ Biotechnology Partnership, as USDA Commissioner. Bye-bye organic standards, hello GMOs.

Obama placed former Monsanto lobbyist Islam Siddiqui as Agriculture Trade Representative so he could push GMO exports overseas. Former biotech Dupont attorney Ramona Romera was placed as USDA’s counsel. This is a partial Obama-picks only list. There have been some GMO strategic administration placements from previous presidents, none of which promised GMO labeling or transparency.

Hold on though. Not through with Obama yet, but understand this first; it doesn’t matter who is president – they all serve multinational corporate America and other oligarchs, not the people. There are more Monsanto connections not listed here or in the other links, two of whom are now in the Supreme Court  There are more ultra-wealthy Obama supporters with Monsanto connections and financial interests as well, featured in this article.

The GMO-for-Africa Partnership

Obama, Monsanto, and others have merged into a government/corporate partnership with the federal government, chipping in $3 billion from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) to assist biotech and Big Ag corporations in their invasion of Africa. This latest Obama promise was agreed upon at a G8 meeting held in Camp David mid-summer of 2011.

Despite varying levels of resistance from some African nations, this agreement launched the “New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition”, which guarantees turning small farmers into debt slaves, destroying African ecosphere’s to produce toxic foods with toxic chemicals that will reduce African populations and make way for more colonialism and control of the world’s food supply.

This is a promise Obama will keep to satisfy those who put him in power in the first place. The people who really own America call the shots and use career politicians on both sides of the aisle to carry out their agendas.