Video: Nutrition on Steroids – How to Sprout Superfoods for 1000x Nutrition

Video: Nutrition on Steroids – How to Sprout Superfoods for 1000x Nutrition

If you want to get some of the most amazing nutrition available from the smallest food sources around, there is nothing equal to sprouting. Sprouted beans, lentils, buckwheat, chickpeas, alfalfa, broccoli seeds, and numerous other foods can be sprouted, in many cases giving you up to 1000 times the nutrition of the fully-grown plant!

By waiting just three to seven days to watch the wonders of nature break open seeds, beans, nuts, and grains into their fuller potential, we can enjoy some astounding nutritional benefits. Without much effort, and just a little water and a warm environment, seeds start to germinate. And boy, oh boy is it worth the wait!

Sprouted foods contain more vitamin C, as well as B2, B5, and B6, while breaking down enzyme inhibitors that keep your body from absorbing calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and other key minerals. Sprouting also makes starches and grains more digestible and releases the antioxidants that are naturally stored in the seeds or grain.

You can sprout beans or grains to put in salads, munch on as a healthy snack (and keep you from reaching for cookies and candy, instead) as well as add to soups, sandwiches, and other recipes.

You can sprout foods one at a time, or sprout several types of beans together for an extra nutritional punch. It’s so easy to do, even your kids can sprout food.

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