Natural Healing: Fighting Pandemic Disease with Herb Power

Food as Medicine

natureSome of the best selling Hollywood movies are about the spread of pandemic disease. 28 Days LaterZombielandI Am LegendOutbreak, and so on, elicit strong emotions from audiences that have to watch entire communities, then states, and even countries die off at alarming rates. Big Pharma capitalizes on these images and the emotions they stir up in us in order to make the masses believe they need drugs. But is that really the solution? Is it possible to fight pandemics with plant power as an alternative? Some experts say absolutely!

Kathy Abascale lists 30 herbs in her book Herbs & Influenza: How Herbs Used in the 1918 Flu Pandemic Can Be Effective Today that can naturally lessen flu symptoms, including herbs that treat Swine Flu. This might be just the answer we are looking for when it comes to bolstering our immune system naturally.

We shouldn’t always be trying to outsmart mother nature. Utilizing nature’s gifts around us, we can turn to plants to boost our natural immunity so that we are less susceptible to the diseases that Big Pharma and Big Ag seem to be creating instead of diminishing. Lavender could be a natural solution to drug-resistant infections, while there are countless natural ways to boost your immune system with nature’s gifts.

Harvard article admits we can do the following things to lessen our bodies’ susceptibility to certain pathogens:

  • Start exercising
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Limit alcohol consumption

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Even their list contains the healing power of plants. Neem, for example, is just one plant that has been shown to treat malaria, small-pox and chicken-pox as well as a host of other ‘pandemic’ diseases.

Another study recently tested 44 different traditional Chinese herbs – all plant based wonders – for their ability to treat various viral conditions. Almost every single one was exceptionally helpful.
Big Pharma would like to tell us that taking their drugs is the only way we can prevent certain death, or at the very least, a dire sickness. The truth is that nature has already provided the perfect medicine. We just need to utilize this medicine instead of trying to replace it.