Maui, Hawaii Tries to Oust Monsanto: Vote for GMO Initiative Due November 4th

GMO Maui protest

GMO Maui protestApproximately 19,000 Maui residents have signed a petition to push Monsanto and biotech interest off of their land for good. The proposed amendment, which could actually send the makers of RoundUp packing, is one that would prohibit the cultivation or reproduction of genetically engineered organisms with Maui County, and requires a 2/3 vote to pass.

Though Monsanto has been up to their usual propagandizing, the proposition would not hurt small farmers, but rather help them, and would prevent further cross-contamination of non-GMO crops. The Big Island Hawaii has already suffered an 80% contamination rate of papaya due to GMO planting.
Monsanto also claims that 600 jobs will be lost, but what is more accurate is that the entire agricultural system won’t collapse due to mono-cropped biotechnology which could wipe out crops as varied as sweet potatoes, greens, soy, corn, sugar beets, etc.

The Hawaiian islands are actually a prime target for biotech companies to grow their GMO poison food because they enjoy a year-round growing season, with perfect weather and frequent rain. The islands are also a prime location because biotech (erroneously) believes that they can maneuver through the political system there with ease.

gmo_maui_hawaii_amendment1Already over 80 chemicals are being sprayed on Hawaii’s food, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) goes along with this practice. These chemicals spread easily into waterways and eventually the ocean, turning a paradise into more of a hell. The Hawaii Department of Health has also tested hundreds of samples of water around the islands and found high levels of pesticides in every single sample.

Pesticides and herbicides needed to grow GM crops also contaminate the soil. RoundUp, the most commonly used herbicide in Hawaii, is linked to dozens of scientifically proven health problems. But of course, Monsanto wants to ensure their best selling chemical brand keeps selling. The only way to do this is through promoting GMO crops.

There is a vote coming for Maui residents November 4th to stop big biotech. They need all the support they can muster to fight against the millions of dollars Monsanto and their kind have dumped into special interest groups in Hawaii to try to keep GMOs present.

Monsanto has tried twice already to get Hawaii State Legislators to strip Maui residents of the right to determine whether or not GMO foods are grown on their land. So far, they have failed. Don’t let Monsanto win this time.

A ‘Yes” vote to support no-GMOs in November in Maui, Hawaii is just as important as the votes to label GMOs coming up in Colorado and Oregon. If all three states win their anti-GMO campaigns, we can look forward to additional momentum in defeating Monsanto for good.

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