The Necessary GMO Ban – Labeling GMOs Won’t Stall Monsanto

The Necessary GMO Ban – Labeling GMOs Won’t Stall Monsanto


Some say that GMO labeling will cause massive rejection of foods that contain GMOs and create a market tipping point, where GMOs are slowly phased out due to a lack of support from the American dollar. And while the fight against GMOs continues to grow, one has to wonder if there are truly enough people that that would take the time to reject the food-creations, or if GMOs have to be banned altogether for real change to occur.

Are people worried enough about GMOs to not buy the foods they’ve been buying forever? It may depend on where you live, but it seems that ‘mainstreamers’ are converting a little too slowly. From my personal experience, many people lack concern and even curiosity when a conversation about GMOs ignites.

In one case, a reporter from InfoWars/Prison Planet went to a Whole Foods “Natural” Food Store and asked customers what they thought about labeling foods containing GMOs. Most didn’t know what she was talking about. They were clueless about GMOs, what they are, and their dangers. These are people shopping at Whole Foods.

Meanwhile, the fast food drive-through lanes are lined up with expensive vehicles driven by those who can afford organics but won’t spend a few bucks more for decent food. They’d rather make their car and mortgage payments while maintaining a hectic lifestyle and ignoring healthful dietary habits.

Co-Existence is Impossible

As long as GMOs continue to be planted and utilized, the whole food chain is endangered. Enacting GMO Labeling implies co-existence with GMO and non-GMO crops. Monsanto convinces Whole Foods executives and other food distributors and merchants that GMO, non-GMO, and organic crops can share the turf – but this isn’t true.

The biotech people know this is a lie. If you view the videos sourced below, you’ll hear it from farmers who know from experience that co-existence is impossible, even with so-called buffer zones(an area between the two crop fields, in this case). Monsanto is a bully that lies, cheats, steals, and unmercifully harasses farmers and anti-GMO activists.

We need farmers to be in the fight against GMOs. We need to help organize and support them. Relegating the issue into “consumer choice” keeps the challenge tepid and politically correct. In other words, irrelevant to most.

The Yes on Prop 37 leaders probably thought consumer choice and right to know would be rallying cries reaching everyone regardless of their food safety knowledge levels. Unfortunately, it didn’t work — especially in the tsunami of overwhelming biotech advertising lies that had voters concerned about rising food prices because of irrelevant labeling of foods that were falsely confirmed as safe.

Consumer choice is nice, but the masses need to know how evil Monsanto is. How their stated intent is to dominate world food supplies completely. How they legally harass or ruin family farms using diabolical patent laws against farmers whose crops have been unwittingly contaminated by GMO seed or pollen drifts from GMO fields.

Finally, the truth of GMO health hazards to humans and livestock, as well as the extreme toxicity of the increased herbicide and pesticide loads required by those crops must be heard far and wide. The media and other corrupt icons say the jury is still out on GMO dangers, and that GMOs are the solution to world hunger. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Biotech tyrants and bullies will just kick dirt in our faces and spray us with Roundup Ready while tossing us GMO corn cobs. Of course, our federal executive branch, congress, the FDA, USDA, and federal courts have been seriously compromised with biotech infiltrated personnel and money, mostly from Monsanto.

Take a Stand

So we need the farmers to unite and take a stand. For that, we need to actively coordinate all the regional small conventional and organic farm groups and ensure they will have legal protection, or at least representation. It will take a massive effort, but we need the people who do the planting and harvesting to take a stand.

Some farmers have already been stung. Others are coping grudgingly under stifling contractual bondage with Monsanto: crops yields worsening, livestock suffering and unable to reproduce, increased expenditures for contract stipulated purchases of herbicides that have produced super weeds, and glyphosate (Roundup Ready’s main ingredient) contaminating waters.

You’ll see and hear some of these farmers’ stories in the videos sourced below. Jeffrey Smith’s excellent video Genetic Roulette is a great educational tool for those who manage to view it completely.

We need to go beyond consumer ‘rights to know’ and help organize farmers who are willing to say “I’m mad as hell and not taking it anymore!”

Banning GMOs from even being planted is necessary, or eventually you won’t have a choice to avoid GMOs with buying organic. Organics can and will be contaminated. The USDA that certifies organic can’t and won’t guaranty against GMO contamination.

Thanks to fighting farmers and concerned consumers, California’s Marin and Mendocino counties have banned GMO planting. And a ban GMOs movement is brewing in Oregon’s Jackson County. A couple of small Maine communities have similar provisions.

GMO labeling may be a step in the right direction, but it may not be enough to truly protect us. It’s time to ban GMOs. It won’t be easy, but it must be done.

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