Kellogg’s Sales Plummet Again in 8th Decline of Last 9 Quarters

Kellogg’s Sales Plummet Again in 8th Decline of Last 9 Quarters

Your boycott of a company that uses GM crops in their food is working. As consumers continue to shun Kellogg’s for contributing to the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association and putting genetically modified ingredients in the food it offers (while sometimes claiming to be ‘all natural’), sales are plummeting again.

Total net sales for Kellogg’s fell again by 8.5%, which amounts to a continued nosedive. This makes the 8th decline in the last 9 quarters of failing profits.

In response, the company is trying to win back consumer approval by saying that it will stop using artificial colors and flavors by 2018, and only cage-free eggs by 2025 – a decade from now! Is this company kidding? It is clear that Kellogg’s is trying to conduct business as usual, while just marketing themselves as a caring company.

The CEO of Kellogg’s, John Bryant, seems to be ignorant of the demands of his customers, whom have made it clear they want verified non-GMO status in order to even consider eating Corn Flakes or any Kashi-brand foods.

Battle Creek, Michigan-based Kellogg’s has also been trying to expand its snack foods business and increase its international presence through acquisitions, but an international market won’t tolerate GMOs in their food either, as evidenced by more than a dozen EU countries that recently banned them.

Keep boycotting Kellogg’s. The company doesn’t want you to know what is in its food, and only after sales plummet like a broken record does Kellogg’s try to make any changes to the products it produces. We can do better.

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