Huge: Séralini Wins Defamation and Forgery Court Cases over GMO Research

Huge: Séralini Wins Defamation and Forgery Court Cases over GMO Research

Séralini, the scientist known for his research linking GM feed with cancerous tumor growth in rats, has been through hell and back with his research on GMOs, but now it seems things are looking a little better for him. The Parisian High Court has indicted Marc Fellous, former chairman of France’s Biomolecular Engineering Commission (BEC), for “forgery” and “the use of forgery,” in a libel trial that he lost to Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini.

This bogus commission, BEC, has authorized numerous GM crops for human consumption, essentially lying to the masses, and trying to hide scientific results suggesting that genetically modified food is carcinogenic and health-damaging in a number of ways.

The details of the case have not yet been publicly released, but a source close to the case told GMWatch that Fellous had used or copied the signature of a scientist without his agreement to argue that Séralini and his co-researchers were wrong in their reassessment of Monsanto studies.

Two court cases have now been won by Séralini’s team. [1]

The latest trial demonstrated that the original author of the fraud accusation, prior to Marianne magazine, was the American lobbyist Henry I. Miller in Forbes magazine. Interestingly, Miller also tried to discredit scientists who linked tobacco use with cancer and heart disease in the name of that industry. It seems the biotech industry could purchase his skills for a similar price.

The long-term toxicity study by Séralini’s team was republished after the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted it under pressure from lobbyists. Séralini’s team has just published a summary of the toxic effects of Round Up below regulatory thresholds.


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