Hostess Recalls Thousands of Items Due to Peanut Risk

Hostess Recalls Thousands of Items Due to Peanut Risk
Food Safety Contamination

Hostess Brand, which produces the famous Twinkie snack cake, has recalled 710,000 cases of food products over possible presence of peanut residue. This can be particularly serious for customers who suffer a peanut allergy, as the residue can spark an allergic reaction.

The products in question used Grain Craft flour, which is one of Hostess’ suppliers. However, this flour has since been recalled for undeclared peanut residue. This with a peanut allergy are also advised to inform themselves on the recall of the Grain Craft flour and any possible effects this may have. Consumers can visit the FDA’s website on the recall for further information.

The Hostess snacks, which were distributed throughout the United States and Mexico, have already produced two allergic reactions, which has made the brand extra cautious to ensure that more customers do not face the same issue.

Those with allergies to peanuts can experience a wide range of side effects from feeling generally unwell to suffering from anaphylactic shock. For peanut allergy sufferers who do not get help in time or do not carry an EpiPen, a small medical device that delivers a dose of epinephrine in order to counter act the symptoms of anaphylactic shock, death may occur.

Those who have purchased snack cakes from the recalled lots may return their products to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange.

Affected items are limited to: