Gut Health is Directly Linked to Chronic Illnesses, Overall Health

Gut Health is Directly Linked to Chronic Illnesses, Overall Health
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What do diabetes, allergies, digestive disorders, and autoimmune diseases have in common? They can all derive from an imbalance of microbiota in your intestinal system.

According to Body Ecology, a leading health platform, your gut is an orchestra of organs, bacteria, fungi, mucous, and other protective measures. When one instrument is out of tune, it prevents nutrients from being processed and distributed through the body. This is something like leaving the front door and windows of a house unlocked, and it throws out a welcome mat for foreign bodies and disease-causing elements.

This video explains just how essential gut health really is and how poor gut health, which is the result of antibiotic medications, can lead to mental illness, obesity, schizophrenia, and much more. But just by supplementing with probiotics and changing your diet, you can experience amazing positive changes.

Diabetes and Chronic Inflammation

The gut isn’t just in charge of warding off belly aches. The journal Diabetes Care published a study in 2010 that associated diabetes with endotoxemia, wherein the bloodstream carries the outer membranes of pathogens throughout the body. Diabetes, according to the said study, is therefore a result of chronic inflammation and gut leakage. There is even ample evidence that most serious illnesses are also the result of chronic inflammation.

“In the case of Type 1 and sometimes Type 2 Diabetes, the immune system attacks the gland that makes insulin,” reports Body Ecology. “Even though diabetes is treated with insulin, the autoimmunity remains.  Insulin does not address the underlying autoimmune confusion.”

Common Causes of Inflammation

A diet high in refined sugars and grains and unhealthy fats as well as a steady lack of exercise will increase inflammation. Vaccines also trigger inflammation, which causes the autoimmune suppressing hormone cortisol to rush to the rescue, actually lowering immune function. Pharmaceutical antibiotics destroy good as well as the bad gut bacteria, stripping the intestinal system of its knights in shining armor.

Reduce Inflammation

You can restore gut health and improve overall health by paying attention to what you eat. Eating whole foods, preferably organic, instead of processed foods loaded with extra sugar is a great step to reducing inflammation. Up your intake of fermented foods—a natural source of probiotics—like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, and other foods and supplements. Additionally, foods with magnesium, berries, and turmeric are all great for reducing inflammation. Truly, you can eat and exercise your way to a healthier gut and lifestyle, and reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

And of course, avoiding prescription medication and antibiotics is another solution as well. For more ways to restore and maintain gut health, check out these 4 solutions.

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