“GM-Free” Domino’s Caught Selling GMO-Laden Pizzas

“GM-Free” Domino’s Caught Selling GMO-Laden Pizzas

It seems that the fast food giant Domino’s has been caught selling genetically modified ‘Frankenfood’ pizzas to customers while claiming to be ‘GM-free’ on its website, according to research by campaign group GM Freeze.

It has been revealed that Domino’s’ ‘thin and crispy’ pizza bases have been made using genetically modified soya bean oil and maize flour since February, despite the company’s website touting ‘GM-free.’

Similarly, Waitrose supermarket chain has been selling American sweets made with GM sugar beet and a soya derivative despite the company’s policy stating that no GM products will be used in its own-brand goods. Marks & Spencer has also been stocking American sauces and cookies containing GM soya and corn despite being ‘GMO-free.’

In response to the report, Domino’s did confirm that it has been using GMO ingredients with its thin and crispy pizza bases since the beginning of February. The change was reportedly sparked after a factory fire occurred to its usual supplier in Ireland.

The firm apologized for not updating its website, and confirmed that it hopes to return to using non-GM bases in September.

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GM Freeze Director Liz O’Neill said:

“Imported American sweets are bad enough but if Domino’s are making GM pizza bases here in the UK then they really are out of step with their customers. People in the UK have demonstrated time and again that they don’t want to eat GM food and the Food Standards Agency’s public attitudes survey recently showed concern about GM at an all-time high.

Whether motivated by concern for declining wildlife and flourishing superweeds, wider ethical issues, safety or personal preference, we have a right to make an informed choice and the conflicting statements on the Domino’s website currently make that virtually impossible.

With Waitrose’s website proudly stating that ‘we intend to stay as GM free as we can for as long as we can [because it] is what our customers want’, it is hard to fathom why a retailer that trades on quality and ethics has started stocking products with GM ingredients that the manufacturer themselves has committed to phasing out. We expect more from Waitrose than America’s cast offs.”

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