Global Healing Center Offers Exclusive 20% Discount to NaturalSociety Readers

Global Healing Center Offers Exclusive 20% Discount to NaturalSociety Readers
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With the present economic collapse straining your wallet, it has become an even further challenge to acquire high quality tools to enhance your health. Our good friend Dr. Edward F. Group III from Global Healing Center (GHC) has generously extended a 20% off discount on his number one product known as OxyPowder exclusively to NaturalSociety readers — just use promo code ‘NS20K‘ on checkout. Now I want to be clear, I am not being paid to advertise Dr. Group’s product. In fact, he didn’t even ask me to write this article.

The fact of the matter is that I and others at NaturalSociety have been using Global Healing Center products for the past several years and have found them to be not only free of all concerning contaminants and additives, but abundantly powerful. Back in 2011 I even reviewed Oxy-Powder and gave it our highest review to date, once again in an independent review with no financial backing.

In the case of OxyPowder, the oxygen-based colon cleanser doesn’t use harsh chemicals to essentially cause a laxative effect, but actually uses gentle oxygen to push out compacted fecal matter from your colon. This is particularly important when considering that the average individual has 10-20 pounds of compacted fecal matter sitting in their colon by age 40.

It’s a sensitive subject for some, but you should really be having 2-3 bowel movements per day. Amazingly, there are many Americans who go sometimes once or twice per week! What do you think happens to the built up fecal waste during that time? It actually starts to ferment, causing serious digestive issues like bloating and gas. Beyond these two issues, the build up can also cause problems like poor energy, back pain, obesity, bad breath, and body odor.

There’s a reason that Mike Adams of NaturalNews also chose Dr. Group’s Oxy-Powder for the Best Product Line Award back in 2008. It really comes down to eliminating toxins from your body in an effective and safe way, not just treating the symptoms. I would highly encourage everyone to checkout all of Dr. Group’s products on his website. I know Dr. Group personally and can attest for his sincere desire to heal those suffering from disease and re-shape the medical paradigm — a mission that we here at NaturalSociety continue to strive for daily. Be sure to use promo code “NS20K’ upon checkout for NaturalSociety readers to receive the 20% discount on Oxy-Powder.