Foods for Sunburn Treatment and Protection

Foods for Sunburn Treatment and Protection
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For those who don’t know, there are actually foods out there that will help with sunburn treatment — naturally. This is awesome news since most sunscreens contain toxic ingredients and cause damage to the body. Next time your out soaking up the UV’s, try consuming some of these foods to protect your skin, and even for treating skin that has already been scorched.

Carrots for Sunburn Treatment

Plants, just like people, also need protection from the sun. The protecting-compounds found in plants also protect people if they are consumed. An example is carotenoids found in carrots and dark leafy greens. Eat some carrots or kale during your next beach vacation.


Another carotenoid is lycopene, a compound found in watermelons and tomatoes which is responsible for their red color. In one study, participants consumed 2 1/2 tablespoons of tomato paste or 1 2/3 cups of carrot juice daily for 10-12 weeks. After being exposed to UV light, the conductors of the study found that they had almost 50% less skin reddening than people who didn’t consume the tomato paste or carrot juice.


Cucumbers contain a skin-soothing vitamin called vitamin c. Try cutting a cucumber in half and topically rubbing it on burnt skin. Feel the pain subside as your skin takes in the vitamin c.

Although summer is slowly reaching it’s end, this information will prove to be valuable for every single summer to come. Try it, and let us know of your success.

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