Find Out About Natural Breast Cancer Prevention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Find Out About Natural Breast Cancer Prevention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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October was proclaimed National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, was responsible for the founding of the month. AstraZeneca manufactures two drugs related to breast cancer. Both of these drugs do nothing to prevent breast cancer, but rely on “treatment” that is riddled with side effects, and ultimately expensive surgery.

What about prevention?

There is a lot of talk about breast cancer treatment, but what about breast cancer prevention? After all, with proper preventative measures, cancer can be fully evaded.

In order to discuss prevention, it is important to understand environmental factors that contribute to the onset of breast cancer. Research has found that certain household products that contain carcinogenic ingredients may actually double the risk of breast cancer. Air fresheners and mold removers were the largest culprits, while some cleaning products had no effect.

Despite a number of environmental and lifestyle factors that are working with and against women in their efforts to prevent breast cancer, there are a number of ways to ensure you have the upper hand. Vitamin D has been found to cut breast cancer risk by 24%. What is even more amazing is that it only took a very low dosage of vitamin D to exhibit these effects.

Prior studies have reached similar conclusions regarding vitamin D and breast cancer. Endometrial cancer was also found to be reduced with vitamin D. Imagine the risk reduction when dosing with optimal levels of vitamin D.

Olive oil has also been proven to be very effective against breast cancer, with studies finding that it actually may halt the growth of a breast tumor. The report also offers insight as to other natural treatments that may compliment olive oil in the fight against breast tumors.

“Joining olive oil at the top of the list is garlic which, when added to breast cancer cells in a test tube, has been seen to actively destroy them; turmeric which is not only an anti-oxidant, but its ingredient, curcumin, is known to kill cancerous cells when they are in the microscopic stage; and scientists are currently looking at the possibility that eating salmon with its omega 3 fatty acids  may improve the patient’s response to chemotherapy.”

Help your body to fend off cancer naturally

With these natural techniques and a strong nutrition base coupled with a proper exercise routine, you are equipping your body with what it needs to fend off cancer naturally.