Duh Science: Hypertension Prevention Comes with Healthy Lifestyle

Duh Science: Hypertension Prevention Comes with Healthy Lifestyle
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blood pressureSometimes scientific studies come to conclusions that shock no one. A recent study presented at the ESC Congress this past summer is a great example. Scientists found (are you ready for this?) that hypertension prevention is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Who thought that being healthy could reduce blood pressure?

According to Science Daily, the research was presented by Professor Pekka Jousilahti with the National Insitute for Health and Welfare. He and a team of researchers looked at over 9,600 Finnish women and 11,430 Finnish men aged 25 to 74. The study period lasted from 1982 to 2002 and all study participants were free from hypertension at the onset.

The scientists analyzed the habits of the study subjects including healthy lifestyle factors like:

  1. Not smoking
  2. Physical activity at least 3 times weekly
  3. Daily consumption of vegetables
  4. Consuming less than 50 grams of alcohol per week
  5. Normal BMI

While the fact that the subjects to stick to these healthy lifestyle habits were less likely to develop hypertension was not a shock, the rate at which they reduced their risk was pleasant, if not surprising.

“The risk of hypertension was only one third among those having all four healthy lifestyle factors compared to those having none,” said Professor Jousilahti. “Even having one to three healthy lifestyle factors reduced the risk of hypertension remarkably. For example having two healthy lifestyle factors reduced the risk of hypertension by nearly 50% in men and by more than 30% in women.”

Professor Jousilahti admitted that while their study only focused on hypertension prevention, adopting the healthy lifestyle factors listed could also play a role in reversing hypertension.
So what should you do? Exercise regularly, eat vegetables regularly, maintain a healthy weight, don’t smoke, and limit alcohol consumption.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, try consuming blood pressure-lowering foods like:

  • Apples
  • Green coffee
  • Papaya
  • Watermelon
  • Coconut water
  • Vitamin D
  • Potassium-containing foods

Traditional medicine will have you popping a pill even before you have hypertension, causing a host of other health problems and side-effects. But, there are natural ways to both prevent and treat hypertension.

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