Dog Escapes Home to Hang Out with Pals at Doggy Daycare

Dog Escapes Home to Hang Out with Pals at Doggy Daycare
Good News

Riley, a 5-year-old golden retriever, doesn’t just like going to doggy daycare: he absolutely loves it. He loves it so much that he was willing to run over a mile without his owner just to hang out with his canine buddies a little bit longer.

A few days ago, Riley went on a ride in the car around his North Carolina hometown with his mom Tonia Mosteller. The pair passed the Happy Dog Cafe, where Riley attends dog daycare, on their way. Riley saw several of his dog friends going for a walk with the owner of the cafe and got incredibly jealous. He whined and tried to get his mom to pull over and let him join the puppy party, but instead she drove back to their house as he wasn’t scheduled for daycare that day.

Mosteller let her dog sit on the back deck to enjoy the nice weather as Riley munched on a treat. In hindsight, she says he was looking at her rather suspiciously, but she didn’t connect the dots until she went back on the porch to find that Riley had broken free from the backyard.

But he didn’t just go anywhere. Riley ran to the Happy Dog Cafe, which he knows the way to as he and Mosteller often pass by there on their walks.

The owner of the doggy daycare, Teresa McCarter, expected to see Mosteller with Riley when he arrived, but instead he was unaccompanied. As soon as the door was open, he made his way to the back where his friends were playing and joined right in.

As soon as she realized he was alone, McCarter called a worried Mosteller to let her know that Riley had made his way safely to the Happy Dog Cafe and was happily playing with his friends. Mosteller offered to pick him, but McCarter decided to let him stay the rest of the day for no charge. After all, he had trekked pretty far to get there.

For now, the Mostellers have reinforced the gate in their backyard and hope that Riley won’t run away again any time soon.