Discover a Device that Can Eliminate Pathogenic Microbes and Parasites

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water dropletThere is an electrical device that mimics and amplifies the immune system; it is capable of killing off all pathogenic parasites, bacteria, and viruses. The original intent of its primary designers was to kill off viruses such as hepatitis-C and HIV.

In 1991, William Lyman and Steven Kaali of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine designed an electrical device to run on 50 to 100 micro-amps, the equivalent current of a pacemaker. Lyman and Kaali had it set up to electrify blood in a process similar to dialysis or oxygen therapies that recycle the patient’s blood into external machinery. Their device was approved for 14 patents. Just a few articles were published in scientific journals, then silence. But not forever.

A retired physicist, Bob Beck, had read one of the articles and was very curious. He tried to obtain the original research papers from the Albert Einstein College, but was told they didn’t exist. The research papers had even been removed from a conference publication where it had been introduced.

The speculation on the streets is that the Medical Mafia offered a deal the researchers couldn’t refuse without damaging their careers. They may have sold their patents only to have the machinery shelved. As Bob Beck once quipped, “A patient cured is a customer lost.” The cancer industry, the AMA, and Big Pharma don’t want cures. They want expensive “treatments.”

Beck Manages to Get What Was Needed to Create His Own Version

Bob hired a private investigator to hunt down that original conference’s attendees and get the research papers. It worked. As an experienced physicist and inventor with patented products of his own, Bob was able to figure out what Lyman and Kaali were up to and went to work on inventing his own version.

Bob came up with a smaller device that sent current directly into the blood via a couple of small electrodes attached to the wrist’s Radial and Ulnar arteries, where the pulse is felt. Apparently the device’s four hertz low current works by stripping pathogens’ outer protein enzyme layers, denying their ability to connect with cells.

Bob managed to try his device out on several patients throughout the country with his own funds. The device purified blood free from pathogens within weeks, leaving what he termed “immortal blood”. Originally he had intended to put his design our for DIY geeks. But he realized now everyone could or would replicate his machine. So he donated his design to a manufacturer called Sota.

The manufacturer was almost shut down by the FTC and Canada’s Health Ministry. But they survived with the agreement to not include Bob Beck’s name, omit most application and use instructions, and eliminate the C word – “cure”. But Bob Beck’s original complete instructions are available on a downloadable 59 page pdf if you scroll down Chris Beat Cancer’s page here.
On that same page you’ll also find Beck products from Sota. You can Google for other sources also. Switzerland’s Geneva University Hospital reported a finding in 1998 that corroborates the device’s fundamental mechanics. They discovered that white blood cells kill pathogenic microbes by electrocuting them.

Cancer Tutor explains the Beck protocol for curing cancer using proper nutrition and the device. Besides curing contagious diseases, it frees the body’s immune system from all other pathogenic distractions, enabling it to focus on eliminating cancer cells. It’s important to closely follow the instructions from the Cancer Tutor that you can get here.

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