Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: GMOs Aren’t Needed to Feed World

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: GMOs Aren’t Needed to Feed World

It becomes exceedingly clear that there is a war of information going on when you compare the headlines about genetically modified foods (GMOs) in Russia and Europe and compare them to what is being whitewashed in the US Press. EU country after EU country has been banning GMOs, and Russia has banned GMOs. The prime minister of Russia says that we don’t need GMOs to feed the world. This surely isn’t the line we’ve been fed by ‘scientists’ paid handsome sums by the biotech industry.

In a laughable attempt to minimize the damage of the WHO’s recent declaration of glyphosate and other herbicide’s carcinogenic nature, the US Press iterates the following malarkey, “risk is relative,” claiming that even if glyphosate causes cancer we shouldn’t necessarily stop using it.

Meanwhile, announcing to the world at the 12th International ‘Science and Technology in Society (STS) forum’ in Kyoto, Japan, Russian Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich stated that it is not necessary to use genetic modification to feed the world.

He further explained:

“In order to ensure the inhabitants of the planet have food it is not necessary to use genetic modification technology.

We believe that the world can be fed without genetically modified products. We are not against the technology, but we are not going to use them in our country; we are not going to grow such products.

One of our key priorities is investment in the agricultural sector.”

The Russians have already shown that small scale, organic farms can feed the world. They’ve been through more than one economic collapse, too, and still made it through with food in people’s bellies.

According to some statistics, Russians small organic farms already grow 91% of the entire countries’ potatoes, 76% of its vegetables, and 79% of its fruit. They feed 71% of the entire population from privately-owned, organic farms or house gardens all across the country. These aren’t huge agro-farms run by pharmaceutical companies; these are small family farms and less-than-an-acre gardens that don’t use agro-chemicals.

The Russian PM is right. We don’t need GMOs to live.