Use this Common Fruit Juice to Boost Heart and Cardiovascular Health

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cranberriesA fruit juice commonly used to eliminate urinary infections has been tested for arterial health with positive results. It’s cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps arteries become more flexible as well as remaining sufficiently dilated to not obstruct blood flow.

Evidently, what helps clear the urinary tract also functions to clear arteries and prevent accumulation of debris leading to atherosclerosis or arteriosclerosis vascular disease (ASVD).

Phytonutrients in cranberries, known as proanthocyanidins (PACs), are the channel clearing agents. PACs do not kill bacteria or eliminate cholesterol; they simply don’t allow bacteria or plaque debris to collect in urinary tracts.

That’s how cranberry juice eliminates bacteria from urinary tracts, by eliminating their ability to cling onto cells, not by killing them. And this anti-clinging capacity works on arterial walls as well.
Though strict testing showed improved vascular health and blood flow among coronary patients from drinking cranberry juice, the researchers constantly referred to high cholesterol as their markers. Here’s the published abstract from that 2011 study.

But increasingly more health authorities are seeing cholesterol as a benevolent bystander involved in the mix of debris that forms arterial plaque. It’s sort of like blaming witnesses to an accident for the accident itself.

Cholesterol is composed of lipids (fats) that are flexible. Some health professionals have observed calcification in the arteries from calcium in the blood that’s not getting into bone matter. That’s why silica, magnesium, and vitamin K2 are important. They all metabolize and usher calcium out of the blood to where it’s supposed to go.

According to several other health professionals who’ve stepped out of orthodox dogma, arterial inflammation is the cause of heart disease. It usually occurs from HFCS, trans-fatty acids that are substituted for good fats, and the imbalance of omega-6 to omega-3 in our diets.

Ignore the Cholesterol Myth

They maintain that cholesterol is not the primary culprit. It’s actually protective and essential to cellular wall and brain composition. Check out this loaded report from Dr. Ravnskoff which reveals the cholesterol myth.

But there is the possibility that bacterial or viral inflammation in the arteries is another factor. Considering how cranberry juice removes (not kills) infectious pathogens in the urinary tract, this characteristic could apply to removing arterial inflammatory sources as well.

Cholesterol is the myth that created the foundation for the fat-free diet fads and statin drugs, which have become dangerous enough for the FDA to finally issue side effect warnings after years of reported harmful side effects.

One of the statin drug warnings refers to mental confusion or memory problems, which Dr. David Brownstein says was long overdue. The brain and protective nerve myelin sheathing are composed largely from cholesterol. So reducing cholesterol deprives your brain and nervous system of structural components.

Cholesterol is also important for the heart muscle. Sudden heart attacks are frequent adverse effects from statin drugs too. Cholesterol is a benevolent bystander trapped in an inflammation/plaque trap, not the causal culprit.

Expensive cholesterol reducing drugs should be reduced or eliminated by drinking one or two glasses of cranberry juice daily, and eating a healthy diet of organic unprocessed foods that excludes hydrogenated cooking and salad oils, including margarine.

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