Major Celebrities Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews, and Others Support GMO Labeling (Video)

Major Celebrities Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews, and Others Support GMO Labeling (Video)

vote yes prop 37What do Danny DeVito, Dave Matthews, and Jillian Michaels have in common? They are among the many celebrities who banded together for Californians’ right to know if their dinner is genetically modified and comes with a side of tumor-inducing corn.

On a personal note, there’s something amusing about having Kristin Bauer van Straten keeping with her True Blood character, telling me that my “puny little head would explode” if I knew what was really in my food.

America Lagging Behind

In the video, celebrities sarcastically suggest moving to Europe and the UK, Japan, China, or India if consumers want GMO labeling. France banned Mosanto maize, the last of GMOs currently allowed in Europe., and even Russia, a land Americans have for decades demonized in Hollywood and mainstream media, recently suspended importing American genetically modified corn. Russian scientists are even leading an experiment of GMO-fed rats that will be streamed live to viewers in March 2013.

They aren’t the first to question genetically modified organisms’ safety for human consumption or production in the environment. GMOs have been linked in numerous studies to massive tumors, weight gain, organ disruption, infertility, and the development of resistant weeds and pests.

Monsanto and the US Government

America, a supposed pioneer of innovation and social freedoms, is lagging behind the almighty dollar that the likes of Monsanto and Dow grip. And no wonder—our own government is in bed with these multi-billion-dollar private industries. Take a look at this graphic showing Monsanto’s revolving door with the US government. No wonder the Food and Drug Administration deleted 1 million signatures from “Just Label It,” a GMO labeling campaign.

If you live in California, remember to vote Yes on Prop 37 for your right to know if your food contains GMOs. This decision could shake the rest of America, helping to lead to the future labeling of all GMOs across the nation.

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