Cannabis Helps Treat Young Cancer Patient in Oregon

marijuana girl

marijuana girlSome of the youngest patients to date are being treated by Cannabis. Take the brave Mykala, for example, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a rare form of childhood leukemia that only occurs in 15-18% of children diagnosed with the disease. Though she was forced to have chemotherapy, it is cannabis that has saved this little girl’s life.

There are currently only two accepted ways to treat cancer in the United States – this is why alternative care centers, like the Gerson Clinic, had to locate themselves in Tijuana, while healers who used Cannabis well before it was legalized as ‘medical marijuana’ often had to take refuge in other countries.

Chemotherapy and radiation have been the go-to methods for decades, now, but cannabis can treat cancer, even in children.

Cannabis is a remarkable substitute for toxic radiation and chemotherapy treatments, which can actually cause cancer tumors to grow instead of shrink. These conventional methods also make future cancer cells highly resistant to treatment. Alternatively, Cannabis THC connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on a cancer cell, and causes an increase in ceramide synthesis, which drives cell death. A normal healthy cell does not produce ceramide in the presence of THC. Cancer cells then die, not because of cytotoxic chemicals, but because of tiny little shifts in their mitochondria.

Mykala treated her rare leukemia with Cannabis in much the same way. Her DNA was altered somehow (perhaps through GMO exposure, or other toxic exposure, but there is no telling) and her bone marrow began making white cancerous blood cells that ended up causing lymphoblasts in her chest the size of a basketball. The mass was so large she couldn’t be sedated because there was a risk that the mass would cause her to die from the sheer pressure of it on her heart and esophagus.

Mykala underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy that lasted over two years, but every time her cancer cells returned. Her family denied cranial radiation – the next suggested step from her doctors – because they felt strongly that this wouldn’t help and could put her life further in danger, and also because her cancer was in remission at the time (most cancer patients go into temporary remission after chemotherapy).

In the end, her family decided to turn to natural methods, including changes in her diet, and supplements, as well as utilizing Cannabis in various forms – from potent Cannabis oil to raw leaves and juiced Cannabis. Mykayla had to get a recommendation from another doctor and a letter to get access to the medical marijuana via a license.

The effects of her treatment were almost immediate. She went from not being able to eat anything and looking close to death to smiling and laughing. She did use chemotherapy in the early part of her treatment, but it is possible that she might have been able to use cannabis alone to treat this rare disease.

You can visit her Facebook page here, to congratulate her and her parents for using Cannabis to help save her life. You can also see how her cell counts were affected by the Cannabis treatments here.