Save and Support the Organic Food Label: Don’t let the FDA Win!

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organicIf you want to keep eating food that doesn’t turn your organs into cancerous mush or cause infertility within three generations, then we need your help to protect organic farmers and their crops. The Save Our Organic campaign is meant to defend the organic food label from USDA changes, currently being undermined by the government agency and its special interest groups. New rules proposed by the FDA announced just this month include:

  • Reducing the scientific rigor for determinations which allow synthetic ingredients in our food, and non-organic food into production for the masses.
  • A reduction in the transparency of decision making about what food we eat.
  • Limitations in public participation concerning how policies and procedures affecting our food supply are implemented.
  • Stonewalling the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) and organic community to advise the Secretary of Agriculture on organic issues that affect everyone, not just corporate bottom lines.
  • Change organic food policy from one driven by public demand to one controlled by the FDA and USDA – giving critical decision making skills to organizations which have proven to be infiltrated by special interests.

Any trust remaining in the organic food label will be undermined if the new rules are allowed to be put into action. Farmers are already struggling to grow organic food with the likes of Monsanto and Dow pushing their agendas down government officials’ throats. We must make food policy a democratic, and open decision making policy that ignores the corporate oligarchy which has insinuated itself into the government, and the food making industry itself.

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The allowance of synthetic materials in our food is already ridiculously out of whack, and we need not allow more of it to creep onto our dinner plates. From farmers, to food producers to environmentalists, and even consumers – we can stop this mayhem and take our crops back, but only if the USDA is stopped.

Please, tell the USDA to set a moratorium on the adoption of the new policies announced on its website on March 6 and in the September 16, 2013 Federal Register, and allow time for open public discussion and input.

Please also give your Congressional representatives,  and the organic companies whose products you purchase, as well as the places where you shop support if they sell organic, or support the moratorium.

You can send a message asking for a moratorium on USDA changes to your elected representatives, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack by clicking here.

You can also inform yourself more accurately about this issue by visiting, or simply read (78 FR 56811). The future of our food depends on your actions today.