Breaking: Florida City Unanimously Passes GMO Labeling Bill

Breaking: Florida City Unanimously Passes GMO Labeling Bill

The city of Hallandale Beach is the first in Florida to unanimously pass a bill that would require the labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). The bill was supported by the city’s newly appointed Mayor, Joanne Simone, as well as Vice Mayor, Tommy Ruzzano, and follows a trend of other Florida cities proposing similar bills.

“We are especially grateful to Commissioner Lazarow for her constant effort and support of labeling GMOs, banning antibiotics in livestock, banning puppy mills and most recently, her support for the use of alternatives instead of harmful pesticides, herbicides & glyphosate.” –The volunteers of GMO Free Florida

It looks like the Florida city’s Mayor, Joy F Cooper, Vice-Mayor William Julian, and Commissioners Michele Lazarow, Leo Grachow and Anthony Sanders all agreed. This supports a growing trend in Florida and other states for cities to declare sovereignty from GMO crops in regard to their food supply.

Many countries throughout the world have already banned GMOs, or at LEAST require some GMO labeling. But labeling is also a step in the right direction since numerous polls have shown that more than 90% of people in the US support the labeling of food containing genetically altered ingredients.

If more labeling laws are passed in places where GM foods can’t simply be banned, then this places the power back with the consumer. Then we can choose NOT to purchase genetically modified products.

The top seven food manufacturing companies are already required to label GMOs in some countries as well, so the argument that labeling is costly or prohibitive doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. If this were the case, these companies wouldn’t be able to sell their products in so many places outside the US.

This is why NaturalSociety, along with numerous organizations and countless individuals, has signed on to the profound Letter From America GMO Awareness Petition — an initiative to keep the biotech industry and its GMOs from destroying our food supply that has now received more than 60 million represented backers.

Americans deserve to have labels, if not complete bans on GMOs. We just have to keep demanding them.