Brazilian Activists Fight to Terminate GMO Terminator Seeds

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gmo cornIt is no secret by now that the biotech industry has heavily infiltrated government agencies meant to protect our food supply. With a lot of ‘hush-money’ and some political clout, the people we have collectively put into office are betraying us. With an ever expanding and interconnected global market, it isn’t just biotech and Big Ag that can influence how laws are made, though. With enough demand, activists can make a difference, and that is exactly what is happening in Brazil.

There is heated debate on alternative news sites about whether the corporate machine is simply trying to infiltrate the growing agricultural markets in places like China and Russia, Brazil and Africa, let alone the US, or if they have another ‘euginicidal’ agenda, and whether GMO is part of it. I have my own druthers concerning the topic, but it has been scientifically proven beyond any reasonable doubt that suicide seeds and GMO crops are detrimental for human and animal health as well as the health of the environment.

There is no ‘designer’ DNA that can improve upon the natural world. Natural hybridization of plants with a check and balance system within its own ecosystem is one thing, but GMO is something else altogether. We were never meant to introduce glyphosate, for example, into the human genome, and now it even shows up in human fetuses. This singular chemical has been introduced into our agriculture so systemically, it has essentially re-written our code, and not for the better.

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‘Terminator’ or ‘suicide’ seeds are planned to die in one year – how can this possibly feed the world? GMO does not increase food security – it ensures food scarcity. Farmers who grow terminator seeds become slaves to the oligarchic system of agriculture, which we have collectively allowed to infiltrate our world.

Congress is proposing a bill – No. 268/2007, that would allow exemptions on a current GMO ban, which restricts terminator technology in the country. This would then allow these seeds to cross-contaminate organic crops which are self-sustaining, putting farmers at the mercy of biotech once again. Fortunately, in Brazil, no one wants to be a slave to this misdirected paradigm. The bill has been signed by Rep. Eduardo Sciarra, in support of suicide seeds, but activists aren’t going to let it pass without a fight.

There are numerous anti-terminator seed petitions launched by Brazilian activists below. If you don’t want future generations to have to beg for their suppers, beholden to the biotech bullies forever, it would be wise to help support this cause. What happens in one country’s back yard, might as well be your own.

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