Are You Eating U.S. Cloned Meat That may Soon be Banned in Europe?

Are You Eating U.S. Cloned Meat That may Soon be Banned in Europe?

If you refuse to eat genetically modified corn due to its classification as a BT toxin and pesticide, most people would understand your objection – but what about cloned animals as food? Members of the European Parliament are pushing hard for a ban on cloning animals for use in food, while the United States has embraced cloned meat and milk for almost a decade now. Have you been eating it?

Since the U.S. doesn’t require any labels for cloned foods OR GMOs, it is possible you’ve been dining on cloned meat or milk and milk products from cloned animals.

The European Members of Parliament (EUM) have been concerned since ‘consumers don’t want it’ and the suffering of the animals involved in cloning is often severe. A vast number of clones suffer from severe birth defects.

The US seems unphased by the concerns that the EUM raises. What’s more, in a 968-page risk-assessment document released in 2008, the FDA said that there were “no subtle hazards that might indicate food-consumption risks in healthy clones of cattle, goats, or swine.”

This sounds familiar; does it not? The organization has also told us there are no health concerns associated with genetically modified fruits, vegetables, trees and fish – and well, we’ve all observed the fallacy in that claim.

Now, the cloning issue is heating up, as the German Parliament member, Martin Häusling, points out, due to the EU’s negotiations with the US and the secret Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). He believes that the initial report submitted to the EU in 2013 was ignored even though it showed proof of  “higher rates of infection, along with diseases and malformations in the liver and brains of mice, sheep and cows.”

These ‘cloning diseases’ could be passed on to the cloned animals, and then, when made available for human consumption, cause similar birth defects, infections, and liver and brain disorders.

Since only sections of the DRAFT TPP have been leaked via wikileaks, and other sections of the supposed final in part, no one knows exactly how extensive cloned meat and dairy would be used in trans-national business agreements between Big Food and Big Ag.