AMA to Gag Doctors Practicing Alternative Medicine

AMA to Gag Doctors Practicing Alternative Medicine
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The American Medical Association certainly doesn’t want you to seek ‘alternative’ treatments or therapies for disease, since this would put a dent in pharmaceutical drug sales. In order to shore up their monopoly on your health more completely, they are calling many MDs ‘quacks,’ suppressing natural alternatives and gagging doctors with stiff penalties.

The AMA says they plan to ‘actively defend their profession, but this means that they will ‘discipline doctors for violating medical ethics through their press involvement.’ In other words – doctors will say what the AMA wants them to, or they are in big trouble. So much for freedom of speech!

The AMA has plans to gag doctors like Dr. Oz who recently went up against GMOs and the shills who work for Monsanto, publicly calling them into question. If the AMA has their way, this kind of ‘pseudoscience,’ or in other words, logical questioning of damaging crops, or medications, will be stifled via all radio, TV, newspapers, and websites. Censorship is not dead.

The resolution of the AMA was crafted, not by a doctor, but a medical student, and uses Dr. Oz’s influence as an example of what they are trying to control:

Vox was told in an interview:

“Dr. Oz has something like 4 million viewers a day. The average physician doesn’t see a million patients in their lifetime. That’s why organized medicine should be taking action.”

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The AMA, part of an organized ‘medical mafia’ in large part, doesn’t want public icons like Dr. Oz creating a stir around GMOs. They don’t want doctors who question mainstream medical science and who question pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, who have ties to Monsanto.

The AMA is not the voice of the medical profession. It represents only 17% of MDs, and many of those are free memberships given to medical students.

What the AMA does represent is a bunch of lobbyists who spend more than $218.8 million a year influencing the government for everything from medicare prices to medical coding laws.

Integrative practitioners are being attacked by the AMA because more and more doctors are waking up to the unfortunate atrocity that conventional medicine has become. When doctors can’t even use terms like ‘super food,’ ‘antioxidant,’ or ‘probiotic’ without losing their license or facing jail time here and in the EU, you have to question what happened to the medical system.