9 ‘Healthy’ Brands Owned By Coca-Cola You Might Be Buying

9 ‘Healthy’ Brands Owned By Coca-Cola You Might Be Buying
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Did you know that many ‘smaller’ and even ‘health-conscious’ food brands are actually owned by mega-conglomerates like Coca-Cola? Not only are these huge companies trying to get a piece of the health-market with ‘healthy’ brands, but they are doing so while striking down our right to know what’s in our food via GMO labeling.

Time to make your money talk and tell the Coca Cola Company that you won’t be supporting their aims to kill GMO-labeling initiatives. Sure, their soft drinks are bad enough, but it isn’t just America’s soda habit that is contributing to the decline of the food supply.

Not sure what brands are under Coke’s umbrella? Let us help you out with that. Read on to find out which brands are helping support Coca-Cola’s bottom line and their ability to donate millions to keep you from knowing what’s in your food.

Even if you don’t drink Coke or Diet Coke, you may inadvertently be supporting a company that rubs shoulders with the likes of Monsanto and other biotech companies. They’ve shelled out more than $3.2 million to keep GMO labeling from happening. Some of the brands within Coca-Cola’s company might surprise you, but they need to be boycotted nonetheless.

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Coca-Cola Brands Include:

  • 1. Honest Tea
  • 2. Honest Kids
  • 3. Zico Coconut Water
  • 4. Odwalla
  • 5. Powerade
  • 6. Peace Tea
  • 7. Vitamin Water
  • 8. Simply Orange

Please spread the word far and wide so we can get to Coca Cola where it counts. Your vote comes from your wallet. Let these major companies know you won’t be supporting them when they try to take your right to know what is in your food (and beverages) away.

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